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Fairs and festivals are the identity of India. The time of festival brings everyone closer and people step out together to enjoy the moment. India is a country that homes people of many cast and creed, everyone carrying their own tradition and having their own culture as well. There is a festival in India that carries equal importance for everyone in the nation and that is the most auspicious day of the year Diwali. Festival of Diwali is a national fest and it is because people from all the walk of the society have the same faith and belief on the festival. Whether a Hindu, a Sikh, a Jain or a Buddhist, every one who is residing in India do respects the day and also many have their own traditional belief to celebrate the festive day of Diwali.

The auspicious day of Diwali is a great gift exchange carnival, because it is believed that goddess Laxmi bestows prosperity in everyone’s life, that’s why people celebrate the occasion presenting by token of love and prosperity to the near ones on Diwali. Diwali is a five day long carnival that is celebrated in the holy Hindu month of Kartika. Every five day of the fest is importance and holds their unique way of celebration. Diwali is also celebrated as a great gift exchange carnival in India. Diwali and gifts are interrelated to each other.

Family members, friends, relatives and loved ones are bestowed with gifts on the day of Diwali. People go in shopping mod month long before the arrival of Diwali and it is because each and every one known has to be wished with gifts on the day. Depending upon the budget and capability, people buy Diwali gifts. Few very common type of Diwali gifts are sweets, silver coins, auspicious idols, home decorative, chocolates, candles and diyas, Jewellery, apparels and every thing else that fits best as Diwali gift. Near or far no one is left in solitude on the day, sending Diwali gift is a popular culture to those who are actually far away from the loved ones. In this series only those who reside abroad send Diwali gifts to India to wish their loved ones residing here. Online shopping portals are also becoming popular for Diwali gifting. People across the country and globe are using internet protocol to buy and send Diwali gifts online for their loved family members or friends who are living far away from them.

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