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Diwali Celebration

The third of Diwali celebration is itself the Main Diwali festival that is celebrated by everyone with zest and zeal. Diwali also called Deepavali is the biggest and brightest festival of India that is rejoiced by every Hindu, Jain, Buddhists and Sikhs all over the world with great pomp and enthusiasm. Deep means ‘lights’ and avali means ‘rows’ so it means ‘rows of lights’. Diwali is also known as ‘festival of lights’, because of the rows of lights that can be seen everywhere in temples, houses, offices, shops etc. everyone decorates their houses with deeps, candles and other decorative for welcoming goddess Laxmi and celebrates the festival by bursting firecrackers.

Legends Behind Diwali Celebration

Well there are many mythologies are associated with the celebration of Diwali but one of the popular stories is return back of Lord Rama to Ayodhya from fourteen years of exile along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman after defeating mighty demon Ravana in a battle. People of Ayodhya welcomed their future kind by illuminating clay lamps thus since that day celebration of good over evil and happiness over sadness began.

Traditions and Celebration of Diwali

Diwali is one of the most sacred festivals celebrated in India. On this day people take shower first and the ladies of the houses make Rangoli designs on the floor and also tiny footprints of goddess Laxmi and then decorates the house with decorative items like torans, Bandarwal, latkans, artificial flowers, electric bulbs etc. In the evening of Diwali day people do Laxmi Puja in many Indian states and some other part people worships Kali Maa hence the festival is also called as Kali Puja. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped together as Ganesha blesses knowledge and good luck at home while Laxmi showers prosperity and wealth.

After worshipping god and goddess, it’s the time to illuminates earthen lamps and candles everywhere in the house at balcony edges, windows, main entrance etc. according to popular belief lighting diyas and candles every nook and corner of the house is the symbol of the victory of knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness. Then everyone bursts firecrackers at the night, lights of lamps brighten the darkest night and the sound of the crackers chases away evils. The celebration however is incomplete without bursting firecrackers.

Diwali is also celebrated as the gifts exchange carnival in India. Diwali and gifts are interrelated to each other. Everyone shares and exchange gifts and sweets to each other as token of love. Those who even stay far from their loved ones they use to send Diwali gifts to India online and make the festival a grand celebration. So this Diwali buy the best gifts for your loved ones and make the day special and a memorable affair to remember.

When is Diwali 2017?

The day observes on the new moon night (the darkest night of the year) in the month of Kartika according to Hindu Lunar calendar or in between the month of October and November. This year Diwali is on Thursday, 19 October, 2017. So those who will be staying far from their family and friends can send Diwali gifts to India online or even abroad through the online gifting portals.

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