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Tradition of Gifts on Diwali

There is certainly no doubt in this, that India is a land of fairs and festivals. There are many different and special festivals that the country rejoices throughout the year. Few festivals are meant for special bonding between brother and sister like Raksha Bandhan and Diwali, whereas there are few moments are celebration that are rejoiced with mass such as Holi and Diwali. But the ultimate thing that festival brings in our life is joy and happiness. Festival is the time of togetherness. It is the moment when complete family is together and the best moment of life is cheered with them. In fact those who are not close they are also brought together in celebration either in real or virtually. Talking about the biggest gift carnival in India, then Diwali is the time which is cherished with special gifts and presents to those who occupy a special portion in our hearts.

Diwali is a very significant Hindu festival. It is celebrated with full fervor and enjoyment in India and across the world. Though the festival is celebrated in the darkest night of the year, but the row of candles and diyas that are lit during the festival makes it the brightest moment for everyone. Apart from light and fires show, one prominent thing that snatches the attention of Diwali celebration is gifts. Gifts and goodies are exchanged in a bulk during Diwali. The festival is not specifically celebrated by Hindus only; the whole nation observes the sanity and prosperity of Diwali. The festival is significant because Laxmi the goddess of prosperity and it is a day which is believed to be the day for the goddess to spread wealth and happiness around.

Now, the biggest question that rises here is what the significance of gifts for the occasion is. Well, Diwali is the celebration of wealth and prosperity. With a wish that goddess Laxmi shower happiness in everyone’s life people exchange gifts with their loved ones. To celebrate the day with happiness and love, there are different types of gifts that are presented on the day. Whether, its bulk gifting in offices or personalized gifting to loved ones, gifting is mandatory practice for Diwali. It is because Diwali is considered to be the annual gala of gift exchange with the near and dear ones. As the trend of gifting is changed now, people prefer for online gifting then to shop for Diwali gifts at traditional markets. This practice is repeated by those who wish to send Diwali gifts online to India or at distant place. All because of the convenience which is brought by online portals people can now a days not only find excellent Diwali gift ideas, but can also exchange these gifts with their loved ones sitting miles away from them.

Spiritual Gift Items for Diwali

Diwali is the festive celebration of happiness and prosperity. The day is meant to cater special relationship terms that we share with our loved ones. People of Hindu religion wait for the festival very eagerly. The festival of Diwali is celebrated in the month of Kartika every year. The darkest night of the year is converted into the brightest one when candles are decorated everywhere. Goddess Laxmi the deity of wealth and prosperity is worshiped on the night of Diwali.

It is believed that she incarnated from the churning of sea on Kartika Amavasya. From that time Diwali is celebrated as her birthday when a special prayer is offered to her called as Laxmi pooja. Diwali is the festival that fills us with spirituality, hence on the occasion when you are supposed to present a special gift to your loved ones nothing is better than spiritual items. Spiritual items fills positivity in the life, therefore we are listing here best four gift items in this category.

Laxmi Ganesha Idol: On the festival of Diwali a special prayer is offered to goddess Laxmi and Ganesha. There is nothing better than this as a gift of the day. Present special Laxmi Ganesha idol as the gift of the day. Silver or gold plated Laxmi Ganesha idol is a premium gift for the day.

Ganesha Figurine: Ganesha is the deity of prosperity. Presenting the idol of deity is considered to be a good omen. You can wish happy Diwali in a prosperous way to your near ones with a figurine of lord Ganesha.

Laxmi Ganesha Photo Frame: Photo frame of Laxmi and Ganesha is an ideal gift for Diwali festival. There is an ease in packing photo frame as gift, hence can be presented as a pleasant and prosperous gift of the day.

Silver Coins: It is one of the trending gifts of Diwali. To cater the spirituality intact in the festival, it is an adequate present. Silver coin is the symbol of prosperity and when the figurines of Laxmi and Ganesha are engraved in it, it becomes a spiritual gift for Diwali.

These are the four fantabulous gift ideas for Diwali. You can present these spiritual gift items to your friends, relatives, colleagues, seniors and superiors as well. These presents are full of positivity and are the ideal things to bring prosperity in the life of your loved ones. In case you find yourself enable to meet them on the day of festival, you can send Diwali gifts online using the services from reliable online Diwali gift portals and complete the obligations from your side in a smarter way.

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