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Diwali Pooja Rites and Rituals

Diwali the famous Hindu festival is marked with sheer happiness and joy in India and also around the world. It is a day meant for celebration of togetherness.

On the month of Kartika a grand show of the festival is observed. It is the faith and excitement for the day only, that Indians who are miles away from their home also celebrate the day with same ritual and tradition. Now one of the biggest questions here is why the festival of Diwali is so significant. It is a day to worship goddess Laxmi the goddess of prosperity. A certain set of rituals are performed to impress goddess who visits every home in the night of Diwali.

It is well believed that Goddess Laxmi stays in the place where she finds sanity and purity. In order to let goddess Laxmi stay in your place on the night of Diwali, it is much required to impress her with the right things. Right things here mean the correct rituals of pooja.

Diwali pooja which is also known as Laxmi Ganesh pooja is a significant thing for the festive celebration. It is believed only the correct pooja ritual can impress the deity and make her bring prosperity in life. If you are also seeking the blessings of goddess on your home, then correct rituals of the festival are as follows.

Preparation for Diwali Pooja

A full day fasting is required on the pooja day. On the day of Diwali the person performing the pooja is required to take an early morning bath and wear new clothes. Taking a bath in the evening before completing the pooja is also considered good.

Poojan Samagri for Laxmi Ganesh Pooja on Diwali Evening

Poojan Samagri or Pooja items are the essentials required for completing the holy rituals. Items that you will require for Laxmi Ganesha pooja are as follow:

  • Idol of Goddess Laxmi
  • Idol of Lord Ganesha
  • A pieces of red cotton cloth
  • A new note book or copy
  • Fresh fruits, i.e. apples, bananas, etc.
  • Some sweets and Mithais
  • Earthen Diyas filled with Desi ghee
  • Mango Leaves, and Paan Patta (leaves)
  • Auspicious Mauli threads or Kalava
  • Agarbatti or incense sticks
  • Cow dung and cow dung cakes
  • Brass or copper Puja Thali
  • Silver or gold coins
  • Dry fruits (almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, etc
  • Panchamrita, Gulab Jal and Ganga Jal
  • Some betel nuts (recommended 10 pcs)
  • Red Roli or Kumkum for Tilak
  • Desi Ghee and 1 Pc Coconut
  • Camphor, Havan Samagri, and Dry Mango Sticks
  • Ganga Jal in Brass or Copper Pot

Pooja Vidhi (Method for Diwali Pooja)

Diwali pooja Vidhi or the rituals of Diwali pooja is a necessary feature of the event. It is very much necessary to complete it customarily. The first step to begin the pooja is to set a pooja chowki. It is a platform in which the idols of god and goddess will be placed. With this, it should also be kept in consideration that the person performing the puja should be faced towards east.

Placing a toran on the door is another requirement of the pooja that could bring positive energies in the home. Flowers, leafs and torans can be used to decorate the Pooja chowki or pooja platform. Before placing idols on the chowki place a red cloth on it. Now make Swastika sign with help of roli and haldi and then keep idols on it.

Spread Akshat on the chowki and then place a Kalash filled with water and topped with mango leaves and coconut. Prepare pooja thali containing all the essentials. Now place gold or silver coin on a plate and place it on chowki. You can now chant slokas and chalisas, dedicated to goddess Laxmi and Ganesha.

Now offer bhog of sweets and dryfruits and Panchamrita. You can now distribute it amongst the other members of the family. Pooja is done; you can now enjoy fireworks and can distribute Diwali gifts to friends and relatives.

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