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Diwali in Sikhism

Considering Diwali a sole Hindu festival is totally wrong. Other religions also have their own reason to celebrate Diwali. The day has a deep connection with Sikhism. As per Sikh religion it is said that sixth guru of Sikhs Guru Hargobind Singh ji was made political prisoner by Mughal emperor Jahangir. He freed from imprisonment and he also managed to arrange the release of other 52 political prisoners who all were Hindu kings along with him. After being freed from imprison he went to Amritsar from Gwalior. On his arrival people or the city lit their path and fortunately the day was Diwali. Hence the merriment of the day doubled with his arrival therefore the day is celebrated as Bandi Chhor Diwas.

Bandi Chhor Diwas means the day to celebrate the freedom. And this celebration occurs ever with same zest and enthusiasm everywhere across the globe in Sikh homes. On this day the lighting of Gurudwara Hamandar Sahib also known as Golden Temple is Amazing. The beautiful lighting around the pray spot looks fabulous in the water of pavitra sarovar.

Sikh community around the world celebrates Diwali with great enthusiasm ever year. But it really doesn’t means that there was no Diwali celebration earlier in Sikhism. It was there earlier as well, but the incident of Bandi Chhor Diwas made it a significant festival for them as well.

Now there comes the question about the way of celebrations and other rituals of the day. Well, excluding the Pooja portion rest everything is as same as Hindus celebration. There is spring cleaning, there is sweets, there is gifts and there is happiness and joy. People send Diwali gifts too. So sending Diwali gifts to relatives and loved ones is a trend in Sikhism and it defines the importance of festival for the religion.

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