3 Romantic Gifts for Wife on Karwa Chauth

Karva-ChauthIndia is renowned all over because of the beautiful customs and the festivals of India are the perfect reflections of the country ethics and values and also of the various religions settled here. There are festivals for children, festival for family, and festival for brother and most importantly a festival for husband and wife that provide the lovebirds the perfect opportunity to come closer and express their true heart feelings. The festival is celebrated after 8th day of Dussehra and is probably the best moment of the year for which the wife and husband wait eagerly.

Karwa Chauth is not just a festival but it is the day to strengthen the relationship between the partners and this is a reason why both of them don’t leave even a single stone unturned for the day celebration. Wife keeps fast from dawn to moonrise and on the other hand it is the responsibility of husband to treasure her with a special gift on the occasion. If you are also planning for something special for your wife then here are few gift ideas that could help you to win her heart.

Complete Makeup Kit: This is definitely a gift that she would love to take from you. On the most precious occasion of the year, present her a complete makeup kit so that she can enhance her beauty even more. This is a gift that she is going to use every day and with that, she will remember her love and affection every moment.

Premium Gold and Diamond Jewelry: Women are crazy about jewelry and who else could know it well than their husbands. Being a husband of a beautiful wife, it is your responsibility to nurture the premium relationship with a premium gift and nothing else than gold and diamond jewelry would serve your purpose.

Gift Card: Finding appropriate gift for your wife could turn out to be a hectic business for you, hence in case you want to away from the issues of likings and disliking, it would be better to present her a gift card, using what she could get the perfect gift for her.

The date of Karwa Chauth in 2017 is 8th October. So, the gentlemen out there, it is still not late to find and pick the perfect gift for your wife. You can also get Karwa Chauth gift online and surprise your lady through that.


Make Karwa Chauth Special for Your Beloved Wife with Special Gifts

Make Karwa Chauth Special for Your Beloved Wife with Special Gifts

Karwa Chauth is the annual celebration for spouses in which wife fasts from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of her husband. Without having a single drop of water she fasts for the whole day and breaks her fast by seeing the moon through sieve. After seeing the moon, she sees her husband’s face and takes blessings from him, as a return gift of her sacrifice throughout the day husband bestows her with love and a pleasant gift for her.

Karwa-ChauthWomen wake up early in the morning and eat fruits and Sargi before the sunrise. It is meant that eating these things help to keep thirst at a bay during the day time. After this, the whole day long strict fast without food or water is observed. Women apply henna on hands and wear best of clothes and traditional jewelry. The prayer is recited in the evening, mostly in groups. An elder lady or the priest tells the tale and women exchange thalis. The fast is opened at night, with the arrival of moon. Women worship the moon and in the same manner follow the rituals for their husbands. After this they drink the water and eat some kind of sweet by the hands of husband. Husbands also offer gifts such as clothes and jewelry to their wives on this occasion.

karwachauth giftsYour wife is your better half she came into your life leaving her own comforts of her house, parent’s love and much more just because of you. You must always obey her desires and respect her. She must be get alluring Karwa Chauth Gifts from your side in return of all her compromises and hard works. On this special occasion she deserves a special gift from your side so you must buy beautiful gifts for her online and make her feel special on this auspicious occasion. If you have no idea and you have tired of all those common gifts like jewelry and apparels then you must try something unique this year. There are several online gifting portals that offer unique collection of gifts and gifts ideas to choose from you can take the help from online shopping sites like Elitehandicrafts.com to choose the best gift for your wife and make her happy and the day special for her with such wonderful gifts and unfortunately you are far from your beloved wife then you can send gifts for wife online to India and make the day memorable for her even staying afar.


Significance of Karwa Chauth in Married Women’s Life

Karwa Chauth is the celebration of spouse love. Wives do fasts for their husbands for their long lives and many husbands also do the same for their wives. It is believed that if they will remain hungry and worship the moon their partner would live long and. Hence for the health and prosperity of husbands their wives fast for day long. Karwa Chauth fast is broken by seeing moon. The eagerness of this festival could be found more in newlywed couples.

Rituals of the Day

KARWA CHAUTH CELEBRATIONA lady gets off at early morning and eats something as they have to stay hungry for the whole day, then they starts their day by worshiping God. In evening they carry all the “Solha Sringar” which they get from their mother in law as “Sargi”. Many ladies gather at a place in evening at one’s place and they read the story or “Katha” behind why we celebrate Karwa Chauth, after this they decorate their “Thali” for worshiping God. There are so many essentials of Karwa Chauth thali. Wives firstly look the Moon with a sieve and the sees their husbands. The festival of Karwa Chauth is dedicated for spouse love and of course gifts. Husbands present precious gifts for their wives as a reward of her dedication towards the relationship.

karwa chauth thaliMany husbands take care of their wives and assist her in getting dressed up for the day. For all the dedicated husbands who wish to present something really great and special to their wives on Karwa Chauth online shopping is one of the convenient modes to do that. One can buy gifts online loving and caring wives on this Karwa Chauth online at convenient prices that too delivered with free shipping to their doorstep. Select your desirable gift category, type of gifts whether to gift you wives or husbands or bahu etc. Buy Karwa Chauth gifts online for your adorable wife, or you can also send Karwa Chauth gift online to your dearest daughter in law this Karwa Chauth. From anywhere across the globe, one can send online Karwa Chauth gifts to lure their wife, bahu or Sasuma.


Love, Care and Dedication: All About Karwa Chauth

karwa chauthKarwa Chauth is a festival which is celebrated mainly in north India. It is a famous fest in states like Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. In Karwa chauth married women fast for their husband. This fast is kept for husband’s long life and wellness. The festival begins just before sunrise and ends after rising of the moon and doing prayers at night. No water or food can be taken once the sun rises. The fast is broken after seeing the moon and after all rituals of that particular day. When the moon has appeared, women see the moon first with the round shape sieve and then see their husbands. After worship married women break the fast.

Karwa-ChauthKarwa Chauth is an important festival for married Hindu women. During this festival, jewellery, clothes, fruits, sweets and gifts are received from both the woman’s mother-in-law and mother as well. It’s called “Sargi”. Through Sargi mother-in-law gives blessing and wishes to her daughter-in-law for her happily married life. All married women wear outfits like heavy worked saree and lehanga and matching jewellery, new brides wear their wedding costumes also. They apply mehndi in their hands and apply makeup to look more gorgeous.

Karwa Chauth makes a strong relationship bounding between husband and wife. The dedication of women towards their life partner shows love and affection. Husbands also give Karwa Chauth gifts to wives. The fasting women on the day feel so much excitement and happiness. They started shopping few days before karwa chauth and arrange all the things which are needful like karwa chauth puja thali, diyas made with clay, roli chandan for tilak, dry fruits and fruits, sweets, jewellery and ornaments, dress and makeup kit, henna or mehndi etc.


Karwa Chauth: A Day So Special For Married Women

Karwa Chauth is a festival of rituals. It is celebrated on Kartika month according to Hindi calendar. Karwa Chauth fest comes after Navratri. The meaning of the festival signifies, Karwa means earthen or clay made pot which is symbol of peace and love, and Chauth means forth i.e. forth day moon after a Purnima (full moon) night in the month of Kartika. Karwa Chauth is celebrated by married women. On this day married women keeps a day long fast for their husband’s longevity, wellness and prosperity. Karwa Chauth is a very traditional festival. It is more observed in the north and western side in India.

karwa chauthKarwa Chauth fest starts from rising sun and end after the appearance of moon. After sunrise, married women does not take anything neither food nor water. It is their love and dedication towards the relationship that they complete the tough fast of Karwa Chauth happily. In Karwa Chauth mother-in-law send Karwa Chauth gifts and blessing to her daughter-in-law. It is called Sargi. In this, she sends sweets, jewelry, sarees or dress, dry fruits and fruits. Early morning married women who keep fast eat Sargi before the rising of the sun. Before raising the moon in the sky they groomed their selves welled and dressed like newly bride. They wear bright and heavy sarees and lehangas, matching jewelry and apply makeup and Mehandi also, to look more beautiful. After getting ready they decorate their puja thali with diya incense stick, flowers, roli sandal powder for tilak etc. Then they are waiting for moon appears in the sky. The night will be full of colors and joyful. After moon raising the process of puja get starts. Married women see the moon through sieve and after that they see their husbands. Then follow the rituals of the day. After completing the puja they break their fasting. Husbands offered water, fruits and sweets to her wives.

 karwa chauthNowadays Karwa Chauth Festival is famed in India’s every corner. Not even in India while in abroad also. Those who living outside from India they also send Karwa Chauth gifts online to India for their dear ones. In today’s time everyone wouldn’t come personally to meet their belongings. So they can use the best medium to send their blessings and wishes through online portal. This is very easy medium to send online gifts from everywhere. There are various verities of gifts and sweets in a reasonable price. In Karwa Chauth husbands gives special gifts to their wives. This makes their bounding more strong. Karwa Chauth fest is an important festival for married women. So before Karwa Chauth they started shopping and doing all the other arrangements. There is an extra excitement on the faces of them for doing preparation of Karwa Chauth.


How Married Women Observes Fast from Sunrise to Moonrise on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is an important day for all the married women in India plus all women of Indian community residing abroad. The day is to mark the intense love of spouses in which women fast for the whole day without having a single drop of water and in return of her dedication husband and mother-in-laws presents beautiful Karwa Chauth gifts. The rituals of the day are though tough to follow but dedication and love for the relation makes it the most desirable day of the year for ladies. In return of her dedication she gets blessings from elders and gifts of course.


Karwa Chauth is a day long fast which starts before sunrise and ends after moonrise. Married women do a day long of fasting to pray god for the well being and longevity of their husbands. Before sunrise she wakes up, after performing their morning ablutions, she eats the sargi that is given to her by the eldest woman of the house most preferably mother-in-law. After the sunrise, she doesn’t take food and water and continues it till the moonrise.

karwa chauth2She spends day time with her friends and other women of the family. She applies heena on her hand, dresses up well in red or pink dress preferably. With complete makeup she offers day prayers to god for her husband longevity. At the time of moonrise she with the help of Karwa, which is basically an earthen pot women offers water to moon which is called argha. She sees the moon with the help of a sieve and then sees her husband with it. After that husband fetches her water and breaks her fast. Husband presents Karwa Chauth gift to wife and with this the beautiful rituals of Karwa Chauth comes to an end. Karwa Chauth is a gift giving festival, Karwa Chauth gift for bahu (daughter-in-law), sargi for daughter in law, Karwa Chauth sargi, Karwa Chauth gift for wife are the best pick for the day. People residing abroad too Send Karwa Chauth gifts to India Online or by using other mediums.


Karwa Chauth: A Day for Loving Ladies

Relation is the foundation of a happy life. Amongst all the relations in the world, one relation which lasts till life is the relationship between husband and wife. This relation is immortal and one among the most respected one. In the relationship of spouses two strangers though not being in blood relations are tied in the obligation of being partners throughout the life. Facing all the ups and downs, happiness and sorrow this beautiful relationship becomes a part of life. In a country like India, where relationships are above all, marriage is the pious bondage and is respected as well as worshipped here. The prominent example to denominate this is the celebration of Karwa Chauth.

karwa chauth3Karwa Chauth is a day dedicated for loving ladies. Married Indian women do a day long of fasting from sunrise to moonrise for the longevity of their husbands. However the festival of Karwa Chauth is celebrated throughout the nation, but north Indian states like Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab have more craze for the day. In the past few years the festival of Karwa Chauth came into limelight when many bollywood movies such as Baghban presented the significance of the day in the life of married women. But above all other things, Karwa Chauth is the day of gifts.

Karwa Chauth gifts is the most trending essential for the day, whether its morning Karwa Chauth gift for daughter-in-law as sargi by Sasumaas or a lavish Karwa Chauth gift for Wife by husband, the day is jam packed with a huge gift exchange. Karwa Chauth is an important day to be with loved ones. All the Suhagans gather at a place for religious offerings of the day. Within themselves and other married women of family like sisters, sister-in-la, mother-in-laws they exchange the essential makeup of a married woman such as bindi, chudi, kumkum, lipstick, heena and other things like sieve, sargi, Karwa and sweets. All those who are away they too fulfill this obligation for the day. Women send Karwa Chauth gifts to Bahu, Saas, Nanad, Bhabhi, Devrani, Jethani and other female members of the family residing far away. There is a vast array of Karwa Chauth gifts online; one can easily get thousand of Karwa Chauth gift Ideas online and send Karwa Chauth gift to India and anywhere across the globe.