3 Best Ways to Celebrate Friendship’s Day

friendship-day-2017The first Sunday of August is the prominent event for everyone and despite all the other reasons for celebrating the event, the day is famous to bind the friends even more tightly in the knot of friendship. Yes, you got it right; the day is celebrated as international day of friendship or simply friendship day. It is the grand event that provides the friends an opportunity to be together and cherish the golden moments of friendship. Like there are special days for every relationship and bonding, so as the significance of friendship day for individuals. There are many ways in which people celebrate this big event of the year. If you are also planning for something much special on this finest day of the year, then here are three fantastic friendship day celebration ideas from our side that would definitely make it the most memorable event for you.

Organize a Get Together: The best part to celebrate the moment is to live it with friends. Organize a get together party with your buddies and make it the most memorable affair of the year. There can be nothing greater than this medium to celebrate the day with extreme happiness and enthusiasm. Going on a trip with friends is a great idea that could help you to get the most wonderful memories ever.

Give Friends a Surprise Party: Treating your friends with a surprise party on the grand event is actually a fantastic idea. You can make your buddies feel special on the day by taking them to their favorite restaurant. Definitely, sharing these moments on social media and platforms like these will cherish the memories for a longer time.

Surprise Buddy with Online Friendship Day Gifts: In case, despite all the efforts from your side, you are unable to meet your friends on the special day then you can take another way to express the same. Send online friendship day gifts to your friends to tell them how significant they are for you. Friendship day cakes, friendship day flowers, friendship day personalized gifts, are few of the ideas you can implement for the perfect gifting.

Every day is friendship day when you are blessed with great friends. To cherish the most important day of the year with your buddies who are much closer to your heart the three ideas that are mentioned here would definitely work. Make the best memories out of this prominent event of the day by doing something much special for friends.


Best Friendship Day Quotes

friendship-dayFriendship is one of the prestigious moments in life of friends. It is a day when they open their hearts to express their feelings to each other. Once in a year they are blessed with an opportunity to spend quality time with pals. On this occasion of the year that falls on the first Sunday of August and observed as International Day of Friendship, gifts and goodies are exchanged from both the ends. Friendship bad is the attraction of the event. To show the intense love and affection towards friends and to bind friends in the bond of friendship forever, buddies tie friendship bands. Exchanging greeting cards on the day is another ritual of the festival. Now, the latest trend enables friend to exchange quotes and beautiful messages on this international event of friendship. If you also wish to exchange some really good messages with your friends, then here are the most popular friendship’s day quotes for you.

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Treasure Your Friendship This Friendship Day with Special Gifts

friendship day“Brother from another mother”, this is a quote that justifies friendship in the best sense. Friends are not just acquaintances, they are family. If in the development and upbringing of a person family support is needed, at the same time friends provide him moral support. So, in a collective manner saying that both friends and family are an integral part of man’s life, would not be wrong. There are many things that a person requires in his life, and it is friends who understand his requirement. Whether its childhood buddies, school folks, college pals, office associates, we get friends in all the stages of life.

Sometimes it happens that in our busy and hectic life schedule, we don’t get much time to connect with our folks, our friends but it really doesn’t mean that we are separated from them. In fact, friendship is such a bond that even if you are meeting your friend after ages, you will have the same zest and zeal because this is a connection directly related to heart and not by mind. Like we cannot get apart from our family, in the same manner, our friends become an indispensable part of our life. The best part of this relation is that special day of the year which is totally dedicated to friends. There is one day in a year which is meant to be celebrated with friends and even if they are not there, there are many special other ways through which the moment can be lived in the best form.

This friendship day, make it even more special for your best buddies by giving them something special, memorable and treasurable. Treasure your friendship bond with a gift that will not only stay in your friend’s memory for a longer time but will also treasure the relationship. If you are still thinking, why a friendship day gift; then the answer for this is, to cherish the memories. It is not always required that you express your love and affection through special friendship day gifts, you can do a favor to yourself by passing beautiful messages to a friend on the day.

Making use of social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other things like this, can help you convey the message of love and affection to your buddies. Despite, all your efforts if you are unable to meet your friend on the special day of the year but still want to do the best favor to your friendship then go ahead with friendship day gift online. Cherish the most special day of the year, which is dedicated to friendship with your friends whom you don’t want to lose ever.


Significance of Friendship Day and History of Celebration

21-friendship-day-card-design.previewFriendship Day or International Day of Friendship is celebrated to commemorate friendship between the two individuals. Southern part of America, Asia and Brazil the main parts of the world where the day is celebrated with great fervor. The first international friendship day was proposed at Paraguay in the year 1958. It has been witnessed by the history that the day was initially founded by the greeting card industry for the commercial trick to promote greeting cards. It has also being found in the history that from the year 1919 the day has been celebrated with the exchange of cards, flowers, bands and gifts amongst friends. Now coming to the history of day celebration then the World Friendship Day was proposed for 30 July 1958 by the world friendship crusade and organization that promotes friendship and fellowship against all human beings.

There are countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, South America, etc. which celebrate the first Sunday of August as friendship day. Joyce Hall the founder of Hallmark card was supposed to be the initiator for the friendship day celebration. However, it was truly a business centric decision which was a trick to promote greeting cards and gifts but sooner the concept was adopted by many. The day proposed by him for friendship day was 2nd of August 1930. His proposal was though a good one but it took a lot of time for the day to attain a global recognition. The idea of a World Friendship Day was first proposed on 20 July 1958 by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho during a dinner with friends in Puerto Pinasco, a town on the River Paraguay about 200 miles north of Asuncion, Paraguay. This humble meeting led to the foundation stone of world friendship crusade. On that day it was decided to celebrate world friendship day on 30 July, from that day Paraguay celebrates the day every year.

On the evening of 30 July in the country one friend exchanges gifts, flowers and friendship band to other as a sign of friendship. India and countries adjacent to it celebrates friendship day on the first Sunday of August every year. The digitalization and social media has really worked much in promotion of this day as a moment to celebrate friendship. Friendship band is the main attraction of the day, which is exchanged with utter love and affection in between friends. Those who are near celebrate the day by spending fine evening with friends and by tying friendship band and those who are not they rely on online medium of sending gifts. Online friendship day gifts, friendship band online, friendship day special cake, etc. are few of the trendiest way of celebrating the day across the world.


Perfect Gift Ideas for Friends on Friendship Day

Friends always be with us in every ups and downs of life and even teaches us good things in our life. The secrets which cannot share with parents can be shared with friends. Friendship day is celebrated all over the world every year on the first Sunday of the month of August. On this friendship’s day i.e. on Sunday, 7th August 2016, let your friends know that you really care for and love them by sending adorable friendship gifts online. At online gifting portals you will get plethora of friendship day gifts, friendship day bands and friendship day cards that are apt gifts for the occasion. One can find the best gift for his or her friends from online gifting portals and if you are confusing with the availabilities then here are some gift ideas that you can opt for your friends on this friendship day:

friendshipdayPersonalized Gifts: add a personal touch in your gift by gifting your friend personalized gifts. In today’s date personalized gifts are very much in vogue. It has become the first choice of everyone for gifting purpose. You can pick personalized gifts like Coffee Mugs, Cushions, photo frames, key chains, personalized t-shirts and much more as friendship day gifts.

Flowers and Cards: flowers are the best way to express someone’s feeling. The color and number of the flower must be chosen according to the occasion as red for love, white for sympathy similarly yellow is for friendship. Greeting cards have beautiful and meaningful quotations on friends and friendship day that conveys your heartfelt emotions so Convey your best wishes to your friends on this friendship day sending flower bouquets with attractive greeting cards.

Cakes: We always want to do something that one has never done before so cake on friendship day is something like that. Instead of sending friendship day bands or cards you can send friendship day cakes to India online for your best buddies. Cake is integral to almost every special occasion so you can add the luscious taste of cake in friendship day celebration for your friends sending lip smacking cake online. You will get varied flavors of cakes like butter scotch, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, truffle cake, fruit cake etc. at best prices from online gifting portals.

Perfumes: who don’t like sweet smell of perfumes? This would be the best gift as everyone likes to wear sweet smelling perfumes so that they can feel fresh for a longer time and can make an aromatic environment everywhere they roam. A good fragrant can actually bright ups one’s mood so on this friendship day send perfumes to India online for your distant friend.

These are some of the best gift ideas for friends on Friendship Day choose a reliable online site and pick the best gift for your friends and send friendship day gifts to India online and make the day special and memorable day for your friends even staying miles away.


Convey Best Wishes on Friendship Day with Enticing Gifts and Cards

The person we don’t share a drop of blood with yet holds the closest spot in our heart is known as friends. Friends are an important part of our life one can hardly imagine his life without friends. A friend is the one whom with you share every damn thing, your top secrets and what not. Friends always support you in your bad times or every situation, make you learn new things, point out your mistakes and rectify them. They are usually your biggest strength apart from your family and it would be not wrong to say that good friends become the part of our family and in fact our parents trust them more than us.

friendship day

Friends are so much important that in fact the whole world celebrates friendship day on the first Sunday of August month every year. This year friendship day is on 7th August 2016 that is fast approaching and you must start planning for making the day special for your best friends. Friends are the one that makes us happy and entertains us all the time. The bunch of idiots, who laughs shamelessly in our face at the most embarrassing situations, teases us but are the biggest supporters of our life. If you also have such group of friends then you must celebrate friendship day very special for them.

If you are looking for the best friendship day gifts then you can buy friendship day gifts online where you will get astonishing collection of friendship day gifts and gift ideas for friends’ at best affordable prices that you can send across the world without any hassle through online gifting portal. Friendship is a band that ties two souls together so you must tie friendship band on your friends’ wrist for making your friendship even stronger. If you are far from your best buddies then don’t be upset as online portals have great collection of friendship bands and gifts, choose a reliable site and send friendship’s day gifts to India online for your friends and make them feel special that you have remembered him or her on such a special day.

Let your friends know how much you care and miss them by sending alluring friendship day special gifts online along with friendship bands. Gifts are the way to express your innermost feelings for someone and this year you can convey your feelings and love for your best friend by sending friendship’s day cards that comes with beautiful and meaningful quotes for friends and on friendship day. This would be the best idea to wish a warm happy friendship day to your friends. Choose a reliable site and pick the best gift for your buddy by exploring the website and make the day special and memorable and let them know you still care for and love them.