Copper Utensils – Unique Diwali Corporate Gifts


Choosing the best items for Diwali Corporate gifting can be a tricky concern. There are a number of items that can be used as Diwali corporate gifts. Silver and gold plated brass items are very popular as corporate gifts. Apart from these beautiful designer silver and gold plated brass items, the demand of copper bottles, copper jugs, copper glasses and copper mugs are also becoming popular as Diwali corporate gifts. The market reflects a growing demand of copper utensils to store water. Hence, gifting copper utensils on the very auspicious occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights.

The demand of copper utensils like bottles, jugs and glasses is high because of the benefits associated with this metal. Drinking water in pure copper utensils like bottle and glass harmful effects of plastic. In addition, it reinvents our age old techniques to get health benefits of out of pure copper. If you are gifting copper drinkwares like bottles, jugs, or glasses to your employees, customers and clients then you are also offering them numerous health benefits. 

Benefits of Copper Utensils – Bottles, Jugs, Mugs and Glasses


There are so many benefits of using copper utensils for storing water. Copper has anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in neutralizing toxins in human body. Some key benefits of using copper utensils especially for storing and drinking water are the following.

  • Drinking water in copper utensil helps the digestive system perform better
  • Consuming water stored in copper vessel regularly helps in weight loss
  • Copper has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Hence, it heals wounds faster
  • Copper is natural remedy for slowing down ageing, as it is packed with very strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties
  • Drinking water in copper vessel regularly fosters heart health and beats hypertension
  • Drinking water in copper utensil protects from infection and beats arthritis and inflamed joints
  • Copper migrates the risk of cancer
  • Health experts believe that copper regulates the working of the thyroid gland
  • Copper is also useful in beating anemia.

Do you know; Viruses & Bacteria cannot survive on copper surface for more than hours.

Copper Utensils as Corporate Diwali Gifts


You have learnt about the key benefits of drinking water in copper vessels or utensils. There can be several other benefits that you can take by starting the use of copperware especially drinkwares made of pure copper. Gifting copper utensils that are associated with so many health benefits can be a wonderful option as corporate Diwali gifting. You can also gift copper bottles, copper jugs & mugs, copper glasses and copper vessels & containers to your near and dear ones on the occasion of Diwali.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most important festivals of India that is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The festival usually lasts for five days. The five days of Diwali are Dhanteras, Narka Chaturdashi (Choti Diwali), Lakshmi Puja (main Diwali), Govardhan Puja or Padva, and Bhai Dooj. During these festive days, the exchange of gifts are common happening among people. Corporates also offer gifts to their clients, customers and employees on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

If you are offering copper utensils to your customers, clients and employees then you are definitely offering them something special that is associated with lots of health benefits. Hence, this can be a great gifting option. Now-a-days, designer copper bottles, jugs, mugs and glasses are available that can be considered as Diwali corporate gifts. Printed copper bottles, meenakari pure copper bottles, hammered jugs & bottles, matte finish copper glasses, hammered mugs, and designer bottles & glasses are the best option for gifting in this segment.

Buy Corporate Utensils from Elite Handicrafts for Diwali Corporate Gifting

If you wish to gift copper utensils to your customers, clients and employees this Diwali then Elite Handicrafts is the best online portal to place bulk orders. Elite Handicrafts offers a unique range of copper utensils as corporate gifts. The range of copper utensils in the corporate gifting segment includes copper bottles, meenakari copper bottles, copper jugs, printed copper bottles, and designer copper drinkwares. Best Diwali corporate gifting ideas in the segment of copper utensils are the following.

Pure Copper Matte Finish Bottles

Made up of pure copper these water bottles are ideal gifting items. Lacquer coated on the outside for a matte look, these beautiful water bottles will never fail to impress the one whom you will gift. No matter, who is the recipient of this unique Diwali gift, it shall be simply impressive.

Pure Copper Hammered Bottles

Made up of pure copper hammered bottles look amazing. Skilled artisans handcraft these beautiful hammered bottles using hammering techniques for authentic look and feel. One thing you must know that water stored in pure copper bottles stays cool naturally. These hammered bottles are a great Diwali corporate gifting idea, indeed.

Designer Copper Bottles

If you are looking for something more attractive in copper bottles then you can consider to gift designer copper bottles. Elite Handicrafts has an exclusive range of designer copper bottles in different patterns and printing styles. The range of designer copper bottles include geometrical pattern copper bottles, floral print copper bottles, etc.

Geometrical Pattern Copper Bottles

Diwali gift must be something unique and special. If you are thinking about copper bottles as Diwali corporate gifting then you can consider geometrical pattern copper bottles. Elite Handicrafts has a unique collection of geometrical pattern copper bottles. You can place bulk orders for Diwali corporate gifting.

Floral Print Copper Bottles

Floral print copper bottles can be also a good option for corporate gifting. Made of pure copper, these bottles are available in different colors and different floral print designs. You can place bulk orders for floral print copper bottles from Elite Handicrafts.

Pure Copper Jug & Glasses Set

Apart from a varied range of pure copper water bottles, Elite Handicrafts also has a unique collection of pure copper jugs and glasses. The most popular option in this segment is a set of jug and glasses. Jugs and glasses are available in both matte finish and hammered designs. `

Pure Copper Mugs

Copper mugs can be also a great option for corporate gifting. You will find an exclusive collection of pure copper mugs available in matte finish and hammered designs at Elite Handicrafts. Bulk orders for Diwali corporate gifting is also available.

Over to You

If you truly wish to gift this Diwali something unique and special then consider for pure copper utensils like copper bottles, copper jugs & mugs, copper glasses, copper mugs, etc. Elite Handicrafts has a unique and wonderful collection of copper drinkwares. Log onto today and place bulk orders for your Diwali corporate gifts.


10 Handpicked Silver & Gold Plated Brass Items for Diwali Corporate Gifting


Are you looking for the best and unique Diwali corporate gifting items to give your clients and employees? If yes then your search ends here. Diwali corporate gifts can be anything such as tech-gadgets, pens, diaries, company logo printed items, indoor plants, power banks, fitness tracker bans, silverware, brassware, etc. But if you are looking something unique and great Diwali corporate gifting items then consider presenting silver & gold plated brass items. These alluring and unique gifts will have a special impression on your clients, customers, and employees.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most awaited festivals in India. The festival is celebrated in Indian with great zeal and enthusiasm on a grand scale. It is the festival that calls for celebrations and gifts as well. The purpose of gifting is to strengthen relationships among loved ones and known ones. Diwali corporate gifting is the ultimate way to strengthen the bond among customers, clients, and employees. Gifting something unique but usable items to clients and customers as Diwali corporate gifts would be a great decision.

Here are the 10 best handpicked silver and gold plated brass items that can be a great option for Diwali corporate gifts. And more importantly, you can purchase these items in bulk from Elite Handicrafts at cheaper rates.

10 Best Diwali Corporate Gifts Ideas

1. Silver and Gold Plated Brass Pooja Thali Set

Gifting a new Pooja thali set to your clients, employees, and customers can make them feel more special in this festive season. A beautifully designed silver or gold plated Pooja thali set can be the best item for corporate Diwali gift. It is because, a Pooja thali that is built in pure brass metal is the best way to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. So, consider this unique brassware item as an option if you looking for the Diwali corporate gifts. You can purchase the very alluring silver plated brass puja thali sets and gold plated brass Pooja thali sets from Bulk order for Diwali corporate gifting is also available.

2. Silver & Gold Plated Brass Bowls

Gifting Brass bowls on Diwali occasions can be a great option. At, you will find a great and unique collection of silver brass bowls and gold plated brass bowls. These bowls are very aesthetically crafted and look great and very premium Diwali corporate gifts. Available options are – single bowl, double bowl set, bowl with spoon, set of two bowls and 2 spoons, and set of two bowls and 2 spoons with a tray. Consider these beautiful brass bowls as corporate Diwali gifts. And order the same through Elite Handicrafts.


3. Gold Plated Brass Dinner Thali Set

This is truly a very unique piece of gift that can be used as Diwali corporate gift. This elegant gold plated pure brass Dinner thali set comprises of 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 glass, 1 small plate, 1 thali, 1 dessert bowl, and two vegetable bowls. This beautiful set of dinner thali set would be the best for royal dinner. This can be also the perfect Diwali gift for relatives, friends. Besides, this would be the best option as Diwali corporate gifts. Bulk orders can be placed from Elite Handicraft as corporate Diwali gifts.


4. Silver Plated Flatware Cutlery Set

The cutlery set is one of the most used items in most urban homes. It is an integral part of dinning. Your beautiful dining table would look incomplete without a set of cutlery set. This is the best gifting item for different occasions like Diwali, Dussehra, Wedding, etc. This beautiful cutlery set can be also the best option for Diwali corporate gifts. You can bulk order silver plated flatware cutlery set from Elite Handicraft at cheaper rates.

5. Meenakari Brass Bowls

Elite Handicrafts has a unique collection of Meenakari brass bowls. A beautiful meenakari brass bowl can be the perfect addition to kitchenware. Also, it can be the best gifting item. You can gift meenakari brass bowl(s) to your near and dear ones on different occasions like Diwali, Dussehra, Eid, Wedding, etc. You can find meenakari brass bowls at Elite Handicrafts in different designs, patterns, and colors. Plus, you can bulk order as Diwali corporate gifts at cheaper rates.

6. Silver Plated Brass Tea Cups & Saucer Set

This is a beautiful set of silver-plated brass teacups and saucers set. The look is very appealing and can be a great gifting option as well as the perfect addition to your kitchen décor. You can buy this from Elite Handicrafts at cheaper rates. You can also place a bulk order for corporate Diwali gifts. Available options are a set of 4 teacups & 4 saucers, and a set of 6 teacups and 6 saucers.

7. Silver Plated Brass Tumblers with Tray

Like a beautiful set of silver-plated brass teacups and saucers, a set of silver-plated brass tumblers with tray can be also a great gifting option and the perfect addition to your kitchen décor. Available options at Elite Handicrafts are a set of 2pcs glass with a tray, and a set of 4 pcs glasses with a tray. Bulk orders for silver-plated brass tumblers with a tray can be placed from this website.

8. Silver Coated Brass Ice Cream Bowls

This is a wonderful Diwali corporate gifting option. By gifting a unique set of silver coasted brass ice cream bowls set, you are going to impress your clients and employees for sure. This can be also the perfect addition to your kitchen décor. Also, you can gift a set of silver-plated ice-cream bowls to your loved ones on different occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras, Dussehra, Wedding, Anniversary, etc. Bulk orders can be placed at Elite Handicrafts for a set of silver-plated ice cream bowls. Available options are a set of 2 bowls with 2 spoons and a set of 6 bowls with 6 spoons.

9. Silver Plated Leaf Shape Dry Fruits Tray

A beautiful silver plated leaf shape brass tray can be a great option among many Diwali corporate gifts. If you are looking for presenting something you can unique and beautiful gift to your clients and employees then consider this one. It is made up of pure brass with beautiful designs. The tray is best for serving dry fruits. Hence, this item can be very useful. Place bulk orders for this product from Elite Handicrafts at cheaper rates.

10. Silver Plated Mango Shape Brass Bowl with Spoon

This is another similar product like silver plated leaf shape dry fruits tray. The difference is in its shape. It is built in mango shape in pure brass metal. Silver plating makes it elegant and a great gifting option. For Diwali corporate gifts, you can place bulk orders from Elite Handicrafts at cheaper rates.

Apart from the aforementioned silver and gold plated brass items as Diwali corporate gifts, you can also consider other items. You can place bulk orders for gifting items like copper mugs, god statues & idols, and other home décor items. So, what are you thinking about more?

If you are truly looking for wonderful Diwali corporate gifts then log on to and place bulk orders for the same. You can also request custom silver and gold plated brass items for corporate Diwali gifts. In addition, you will also find an exclusive range of Diwali gifts especially


How to choose perfect Rakhi for your brother?

Choose Perfect Rakhi for Your Brother

The auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and it is true that all the sisters must be planning to get the unique and the most beautiful rakhi for their brothers. On Raksha Bandhan, rakhi is tied to the brother’s hand as a ‘raksha sutra’ and ‘bandhan’ refers to the eternal bond of a sister and a brother. This day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in different parts of India with house makers preparing different delicious cuisines, relatives bringing in sweets, sisters all set with the unique rakhi and brothers ready to give their sisters a gift in return.

Today, you can easily buy rakhis on many onine stores, as the options of such stores on the internet is just countless today. However, you must note that all these online stores are authentic. You might land up with a store that asks for cash on delivery and then doesn’t deliver the ordered products. This way, you can fall in the trap of a fraud company. Thus, it is important to reach the company that has a name in the market, is popular and holds good customer reviews. Reviews can actually help in knowing about the quality of goods and services of that online store. If you find any negative review stating that product received was not up to the mark or in a damaged condition and was not received totally, then you should never consider choosing that particular online store and must not order your rakhi products from there.

Discussed below are some of the rakhi options for you. You can go through them and choose the one that you think your brother would like.

Interesting Rakhi Ideas

  • Personalized rakhis- How about adding a personal touch to your rakhi this Raksha Bandhan? These days, online stores are offering a variety of personalized rakhis wherein you can get the name of your brother engraved or printed on the rakhi. Also, you can get rakhis consisting of letters of your brother’s name while choosing a photograph rakhi with your brother’s picture on it would also be just perfect. To make it more interesting, you can pair up your rakhi with a key charm of the style that your brother likes.
  • Rakhis with an auspicious touch- If you wish to tie a rakhi that has an auspicious touch then you should look out for the ones with the moli designs. You can easily find rakhis that are made with red-yellow colored moli with a little design or a brooch on the top. It is known that when you tie a moli around your wrist, you get the power to ward off the negative energies and only good comes your way. So, to let your brother captivate all the positive vibes, you should opt for a rakhi with an auspicious touch.
  • Rakhi bracelet- The rakhi bracelets are today trending like never before. These rakhis look stylish and yet carry that touch of siblings’ love. The good part about these rakhis is that they can be worn with any attire and on any occasion. Unlike traditional rakhi that are worn on the very day of Raksha Bandhan only, these bracelets are cool enough to be worn even to the parties and get-togethers.
  • Rakhi combos- The best way to surprise your brother is by gifting him a rakhi combo. These combos usually have a rakhi and a small gift. The gift might contain a perfume, waist belt, tie, pocket square, pen etc. You can choose the combo according to the taste and like of your brother. Different stores offer different types of combos, so you can browse through their varieties and select the one you prefer the most.
  • Durable rakhis- You should try to choose a rakhi that is not just fancy but also is durable. A durable rakhi can be worn even days after the day of Raksha Bandhan. Usually these rakhis are more towards the sober look rather than a fancy one. They are meant to last longer.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Get on with the most authentic site to buy special rakhi for your brother and make the day of Raksha Bandhan even more special for him and for yourself. Happy Raksha Bandhan!


How to Find Uncommon Gifts for Dear Ones?

giftPeople always want to greet their near and dear ones on special occasions or festivals with uncommon or unique gifts but ends up with picking the common or trendy gifts. Picking one of the best gifts take lots of time and due to lack of timing people opt for the common gifts like apparels, home décor, kitchenware, etc. If you don’t want to go with the common gifts this year for your dear ones then you have to put little bit more
efforts for this. And you can pick a unique and the best gift for your family, friends or spouse on a special occasion.

For finding uncommon gifts you can go with online gifting portals instead of searching at offline stores. There are many online gifting portals available that also offers online gifts delivery in India and abroad also. You can browse any site and go through the different sections to pick the most uncommon gifts for your loved ones. You will find plethora of gifts online for different occasions that are age-appropriate also. So,instead of searching it at stores, sit at your own comfort zone and buy gifts online to delight and surprise your dear ones.

You will find plethora of gifts and gifts ideas to choose from at these online sites and for those who want to pick some uncommon gifts for their loved ones, they can opt for the below-mentioned gifts ideas:

Artificial Flowers: Undoubtedly, in India, flowers have always been appreciated as a gift but not the artificial flowers. People generally opt for fresh and real flowers when it comes to gifting and artificial flowers are one of the uncommon gifts you can opt for. Artificial flowers is one of the best home décor items that is ideal for gifting. So, you can send artificial flowers to India for your loved ones as a gift on special occasion.

Dry Fruits Hampers: You may have given sweets and chocolates to your dear ones as a present for them on special occasion but Dry Fruits hampers is something that people rarely go with. This is mostly opted in festivals like Diwali or Navaratri, but it is uncommon for occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc. So, this year delight your loved ones by sending dry fruits hampers to India online.

Stationery: On special occasion nobody even things about stationery to gift but believe it, it is one of the best gifts you can gift to one who is an office employee or a student. This is also perfect for gifting in corporate sectors to your staff or office employees.

Finding an uncommon gift can be difficult therefore, you should take help of online portals to buy gifts online for near and dear ones and make a special day extra special for them. And if you are far from them then you can send gifts to India online through these online portals to bring million dollars smile on your beloveds faces and make it a
memorable affair to remember.


Top 5 Places in India You Can Head for New Year Celebration

new-yearThe last day of a year and the first day of the year, both are significantly important because it is actually the time to celebrate. New Year celebration is in the bucket list of everyone. Some like to celebrate the coming year with their loved ones at home whereas there are people who want to welcome the New Year somewhere out from their comfort area and at a new place. Travelling for New Year celebration is a common concept throughout the people.

People according to their budget visit different places whether inside or outside the country premises. If you are planning to have a trip across India then here are five best party places in the country where you could have the fantastic New Year blast.

Kasol: If you are a true party freak and want to celebrate the upcoming year in your own rules then head towards Kasol. It is a party paradise for the youngsters. The serene beauty and the party friendly environment of the place would definitely make it the best choice for you.

Goa: A party paradise in India both for the domestic and international travelers is definitely Goa. If you really want to enjoy the New Year celebration like a party animal with your friends or loved ones then head to Goa. This is a place that would never disappoint you in any case and in any form.

Jaipur: The Pink City is always a paradise for the travelers from all around the world. For those who are looking for a perfect gateway for the celebration with their family and friends, Jaipur provides many options. Head towards this state capital of Rajasthan and enjoy the moment.

Manali: Head towards Manali if you are n love with snow. Travel with your friends and family to the place to see the snow-clad mountain ranges. This is a place that would never disappoint you in fulfilling your desire with regards to the very special celebration of the year.

Pondicherry: This little French colony in India is a place for party junkies. You should head towards the place to make the best of the moment. You would find a perfect party ambience here and this would justify your desires with regards to the special day celebration.

Make this New Year just a perfect event, spending quality time with your loved ones. In case, your loved ones are away you can pass your wishes with New Year gifts online from thousands of New Year gift ideas available with Elite Handicrafts. You would definitely be cheered by the collection.


Top 5 Christmas Gifts Suggestions from Elite Handicrafts

December is the time of the year which is eagerly awaited by everyone and why not after all the two most important festive blast happens in this month. 25th December is not only the day to celebrate Christmas but it is a moment to celebrate happiness and joy too. And, above everything else Christmas is about gifts.  People express their love, feelings and emotions towards each other by giving gifts.

As gifting is the most important culture of the day hence gift selection becomes the toughest task to deal with. To make the selection easier and happening for you, we are here with some really brilliant gift ideas. Here are the top 5 Christmas gift ideas that would certainly be helpful for you.

Feng Shui Plant: On this Christmas, gift something different. A Feng Shui plant for your loved ones as Christmas gift would always solve your purpose of presenting something different and worth to your close ones. You can use online portals as they would be helpful for you to send Christmas gift online to different parts of the world.

Chocolate Box: Christmas is all about happiness and nothing can define happiness better than chocolates. Presenting chocolate box to your beloveds as Christmas gift is something delectable and worth for the day as well.

Delectable Christmas cake: Send Christmas cake online because it is the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ and cake justifies birthday celebration. If your loved ones reside away from you then you can send Christmas cakes online through reliable gifting or cake delivery portal to complete the desires of the day from your side.

Christmas Décor: Presenting Christmas décor to your loved ones is also a great option for the day. Probably with this gift you would win the heart of the receiver because on the special day there cannot be anything more beautiful than this.

Christmas Flower Arrangement: Flower is always the best presentation of love and affection. On the special occasion when passing love through gifts is the most important gesture of the day gifting flowers would always work for you.

These are the five best gift suggestions from Elite Handicrafts. Make this festival the most unforgettable event for you and your loved ones. For more gift suggestions you can visit our Christmas gift section. We provide same day and express delivery too all over India. You can also send Christmas gifts outside India as we have services there as well.


How to Send Christmas Gifts Online to India

The most awaited festival of the year is Christmas. It is the day which is celebrated with the great zest and zeal throughout the world. Christmas is the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ. It is a day to celebrate love and humanity and people justify their action on the day by presenting gifts and goodies to their loved ones. Along with the other prominent gifts for the day, Christmas cake is also a main presentation. Happiness doubles with sharing and this is what goes with the special Christmas cake.

On this 25th December, if you are worried passing the wishes of festival to loved ones residing in India then you really need not to worry about anything. We are here with the best solution that would tell you the way how you can send Christmas gift online to India.

Search for the Online Portal: Sending Christmas cake online is easy for this; the first important thing that you need to search out for is the online portal that would provide you with the chance. By searching your desired keyword, you would get that and know about the places from where you can send gift for Christmas online.

Search for Product: The second thing that you need to search out for is your desired gift. Yes, look out for the gift that you want to present. The most important thing that you need to do during the same is that, you should look out for your desired product at various platform, so that you may crack the best deal in the same.

Compare Price and Select Deal: Compare the price of your gift at the different platforms. You should also check out if there is special deal at any place. To be at the safest side and to grab the best deal, comparison would always help you out.

Apply Special Coupon Code: Now, if you really want to shop smart then look out for the special coupon codes for the same. There are many places where you can search for the coupon codes applying what you can grab the best deal in your purchase.

So, these are few of the efficient ways for you, using what you can very easily buy and send Christmas gift to India. Whether, it is the Christmas cake, Christmas flower, or any other present, using the points that are mentioned above, you can surely attain the great convenience.


Is Buying Cake Online a Good Option?

cakeThis is the era of online shopping. For the small and big desires of people, they are turning online. The online platform provides ease and comfort to people to get the best product and services by their side. Now, as for everything people are approaching the online medium and this is what they do for cakes also. Alike, everything else, cake is also now available online. There are many online portals that have been now providing the online and free delivery services of cake to India and also across the world.

We all are well familiar with the significance of cakes and this is a prominent reason why we all desperately need it at the comfort of our home and it is now there. If you are still confused in the options and choices that whether buying cake online is a good option or not, then we are here highlighting few of the very important points that would make you to take the right decision for the same.

Convenience: The first and the most important factor to buy cake online is that the convenience that it brings to people. Buying cake online is a great option because for this, one needs not to visit several places because he gets all the choices right at his convenience zone.

Variety of Options: Visiting to a particular bakery shop to pick cake is tough because in such a case, one has only limited options but this is not the case when one is shopping for the same online. Online cake delivery sites have many available options, which prove to be the great aid for the hunters.

Free Delivery: When you buy cake online, you have to pay exactly the same that you would do when getting it from store. Which means, there is no extra delivery or shipping charge, so with no hassle and without spending anything extra if you are getting comfort then why to choose the complicated way?

Anytime Delivery: Cake delivery online has now became a popular trend and it is because of the option of anytime delivery. Midnight cake delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and in all the major cities of India and even in the small cities is available. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones in the middle of the night then also with the aid of online cake delivery services you can achieve the same.

Apart from this, there are many other points that justify the selection of online cake delivery for a special occasion. Whether one wants cake for self or wish to send it to loved ones, in either case, the online portals prove as a best choice.


How to Surprise Long Distance Boyfriend on His Birthday

toWhen there is love in between distance is just a number and this is what happens with the couples who are dignifying their love even after living at a distance from one another. Salute to those who honestly maintains the long distance relationship. Surprises are part of such relationship bonds because it is something that strengthens the string. If it is your boyfriend’s birthday approaching and you cannot keep calm then you should definitely try something special for her. Birthday is of course, the most significant day of someone’s life and if you don’t want to miss this once in an year opportunity then here we are with the best ideas that you can do to surprise your man on his special day.

Give Him Surprise Visit: There could be nothing more cheerful than giving him a surprise visit on his birthday. If this is possible for you to travel the distance then on the very special day of his life, go to him and be by his side when he blows the birthday candles. If you would do this to him then definitely this action of yours is going to make it the most memorable birthday for him. This is a required action because men too like surprises.

Send Cake Online: If despite all the efforts from your side, it is not possible for you to meet your man on the special day of his life then don’t get disheartened because something much more special is there for you. Send cake online to him as there are many reliable online gifting portals through which you can send cake to him. These portals even have the option of midnight cake delivery that would make your presence felt there by the time his birthday would start.

Send Surprise Birthday Gift: Gift is definitely a part of relationship and on birthday it is must. To pass your wishes to him on his birthday you should send a surprise birthday gift for boyfriend. Do go with online gifting portals because they are flooded with options and of course with the choice of free delivery to distant places.

These are three best ways using what you can impress your long distance boyfriend. To maintain the charm in relationship of course these type of things are required. To implement the same, you have to step out from your comfort zone and do something special because it is his special day.


Mother’s Day: A Special Moment to Express Gratitude

mothers dayThe Second Sunday of May is one amongst the most awaited moment of the year. It is a moment to cherish the beautiful relationship chord that we share with our mom. Being tied with her from the umbilical cord before birth, a child always remains connected to his mother by heart throughout his life. The relation between a child and his mother is immortal and no bond can be as stronger as shared between the two. There is a day significantly dedicated for celebrating the strongest relationship bond on the earth and that day is Mother’s Day. Mom, Mommy, Mother, Maa, Mum or whatever else you call her, all these names lead to the one person and that is the one who brought us in this world. If we are breathing in this beautiful world then it is all because of her.

Blessed are those who have the shed of the mother in their life. If you are also amongst the thousands of lucky children who have the blessing of the mother then the Second Sunday of May is really going to be a grand event for you. Mother’s Day or Motherly Sunday it is an annual event to pay tribute to our mothers. The point to be noted here is that it is Mother’s Day means a day dedicated to individual’s mother and not for all the mothers in general. The day is meant to be celebrated between mother and child. On this very happy occasion, a child does something out of the way for his mother. This action is meant to convey his feelings to the special lady. This is a day when we all can express our gratitude to mom for all what she does for her.

What being a child we give to our mom, nothing. We don’t even sit with her and ask her about her well-being. This is all because we are much busy in our life and all the other things related to that. Mother’s Day is the finest moment when we can say sorry to mom for all our mischiefs and hurting her with our harsh words, it is the time when we can express our gratitude to her for all what she did for us, and it is the time to live the finest moment of the year with us. If you are also planning for something special for your mom this mother’s day then you can try celebrating the moment with mother’s day cake or mother’s day flowers. These are the things that can reach to your mom on your behalf and will tell her how special she is for you.