Easter Gifts for the Every Relation You Care

Easter-gifts-tFollowed by Good Friday Easter is the day which is awaited by many. The festival commemorates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity. After his crucifixion by the Romans on Good Friday, he resurrected on Sunday and that Sunday is celebrated as Easter or Easter Day. As per the ancient story it is believed that Mary Magdalene was the first lady who broke the news of Jesus recurrence and the whole city celebrated. It was the eggs that Mary Magdalene was carrying turned red that gave the sign of Jesus recurrence, and from then the Easter Day was celebrated with great pomp and show.

Gifts are always a prominent part of the celebration. Though there are many traditional gift forms for the day but still there are many other presents that could be presented on the day. Here we are with the Easter gifts for the every relation you care.

Easter Premium Basket: A premium basket for your loved ones on Easter is all what is required for the day. Easter eggs, muffins, cookies, flowers, personalized gifts, etc. could be the content of the basket that could make it the wonderful surprise from your side for the day. You can present it to your close family members and friends.

Flower Bouquet: Celebrate the merriment of Easter with flowers. Present flower or flower bouquet to your loved ones for the occasion. In case, you are residing away, you can send flowers online on Easter and wish them with the flower blooms.

Easter Cookies and Gourmet Surprise: A gourmet surprise on Easter is what all expects. You can present this to the kids or your friends or even to your neighbors on Easter. This is a present that would go well with all the relations of yours and ultimately it would favor you and your relations too. This is a gift that you could easily go with all relations of yours.

So, these are few of the best presents for the loved ones on Easter. You can try Elite Handicrafts Easter gifts range to present to your loved ones residing in India. Through the portal, you can send Easter gifts online to India through Elite Handicrafts and grab attractive discounts.


5 Amazing Easter Gift Ideas


Easter is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the world. The festival marks the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for Humanity. The story behind Easter celebration is very interesting and prominent. Jesus was crucified by the Romans on a Friday, he was nailed to a wooden cross and a spear was also pierced in his body in front of mass to ensure he was dead. It was believed that Jesus accepted the punishment because he was paying for the sins of people. After he was crucified he was buried in a tomb. But as it is always said that truth wins overall and three days after Jesus was crucified he was resurrected.

Mary Magdalene was the first lady who broke the news of Jesus resurrection as she saw it in her dream. She went to the king on the very next morning and told that Jesus is resurrected. The king in a taunting voice said, “Jesus has resurrected as the eggs as red”. Soon after he said these words the eggs that Mary Magdalene was carrying with herself turned red, which was the sign of Jesus resurrection as well. From that time exchanging hardboiled egg became a ritual of Easter celebration. Easter basket is also a gift that people exchange with their loved ones of the day. If you are also looking for some really fantastic ideas for the day then here are few best suggestions from our side.

Easter Basket: Now as the day is significant for Easter baskets then definitely nothing can be much special than presenting the very same gift for the day. Easter basket with all the special components for the day whether its colorful eggs, cookies, bunnies or flowers for the day, anything which is significant for the moment can be present as a cute surprise to loved ones. If you reside at a distance and still wish to convey your wishes in the traditional form then you can also send Easter basket online. This would be definitely a pleasant surprise and a great way to express love when there is a distance in between.

Easter Premium Basket: If you really wish to do something extraordinary to your loved ones then going with a premium basket for the day is really a great idea. You can present special gourmet surprises like Easter eggs, cookies, muffins, flowers, personalized gifts, fruits and chocolates, bunny, caramel surprises and things like this can be included in it to cherish the very special moment of sacrifice.

Flower Surprise: Easter is the festival celebrated in the springs hence there is a trend of presenting flowers as the celebratory occasion surprise. Presenting special flower surprise and flower plant on Easter is also a trend. If you really wish to gift something really remarkable and special then go with flower plants to your loved ones on the day that remarks the sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

Personalized Easter Gifts: Going for personalized Easter gifts is also a great idea to cherish your special relations. There are so many personalized things that you can give to your loved ones as a cute remembrance of the festival, it may include t-shirts, photo frames, coffee mugs, etc.

Easter Cookies Gourmet Surprise: If you really wish to give something traditional and that too beyond Easter egg basket then present Easter cookies gourmet surprise. The cookie is another most picked gift of the day, presenting this special surprise to loved ones would definitely cheer them up. With a bunny and few flowers in the basket, cookie surprise will also work great for the day.

The day is celebrated after the Good Friday. It remarks the sacrifices of Jesus Christ for humanity. He desired that everyone should live together in peace and happiness and this is why people celebrate Easter with full zest and zeal. Easter gift basket is just a reason to bind everyone in love, happiness, and faith in humanity. This is a motive that people are adapting even the trendiest tool to send Easter gift online to their loved ones living away from them.


Story behind Easter Day Celebration and Easter Eggs

27 March is going to be one of the very prominent day for the people of Christian community as it is the day to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the people and also a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As per stories it is believed that in ancient Rome on a Friday Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans, that Friday is now known as Good Friday. He was nailed on a wooden cross in front of mass. To ensure that he was dead, a spear was also pierced in his body. His believers believed that Jesus willingly accepted to be crucified as he was paying for the sins of people. With this he was moving towards salvation. Jesus was buried in a tomb after his crucifixion.jesus christ

But the things don’t stop here. Three days after Jesus was crucified an angel came in the dream of Mary Magdalene and told her that Jesus has resurrected. She went to Jesus tomb and found it was empty. She was that time carrying hard boiled eggs to distribute it with the other people at the tomb of Jesus Christ. She was the first person to see the resurrection of Jesus. With those eggs she went to the king and told him that ‘Jesus has resurrected’.  King laughed at her and said, ‘Jesus has resurrected as the eggs are red’. Immediately at that moment all eggs turned red symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus. From that time eggs became a prominent part of Easter Day celebration.easter eggs

Easter eggs are the symbol of health and fertility; therefore people exchange hard boiled eggs during Easter Day celebration. Fine dining with friends and relatives is a ritual of the day. People visit church and exchange special Easter baskets. If you are looking for Easter Baskets, Easter Egg Baskets, Easter Basket Ideas or Easter Premium Baskets then you can find it at the best price and free shipping at Elite Handicrafts.easter basket