Best Navratri Gift Ideas

navratriNavratri is celebrated in India as well as many other parts of world also. It is the festival of Hindus. Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit, “Nava” means nine and “Ratri” means night. The nine form of Maa Parvati is worshiped in these nine days mainly deity Durga. It is celebrated for nine nights and one day which is the tenth day called as “Vijayadashmi”. As it’s the longest festival celebrated in India so, people celebrates it joyfully and happily. Many present their loved ones with some precious gifts also, as it is the celebration of ten long days.

durga idolMost people always find an occasion to gift their near ones, as giving gift on any occasion or fest has become a trend now. So, what else could be a good occasion to gift your relatives except the ten days long celebration of Navratri including Vijayadashmi. As it celebrated for so long, so you have countless options to gift your near and dear ones. Where gifting is an interesting and appealing work, it is considered as a problem also. People always confuse with ‘what we can gift to someone’? Now you don’t have to thing much as here you can get all the ideas about what to gift and to whom. Online shopping sites have solved all these problems by providing you the ideas and even the gift item at your door step.

navratri2Get Durga pooja gift ideas, there are so many things which you can gift your near and dear ones as Navratri gifts. Spiritual gifts, premium gifts, dandiya sticks and Navratri costume/dress, Sweet and dry fruit hampers these are considered as the best gifts option for Navratri. Buy Navratri gifts online and get it at your door step and earn the happiness of your loved ones in return.

Spiritual Gifts

durga idolSpiritual gifts are the most adorable and admirable thing for gifting your relatives and loved ones. This will convey your true feeling and good luck for them for the future and it consider as a token of love. This includes the idol of Gods and Deities, Maa Durga’s idol will be a perfect one for this occasion. You can also add laughing Buddha statue, photo frames of God, Ganesha’s idol etc. online shopping sites have all these fascinating products for you which you can buy in good prices.

Premium Gifts

premium navratri giftThis includes expensive items mainly in gold and silver; you can take as per your budget, which is available at online sites where you can pick up the best quality in best prices. Premium gifts shows ones personality and status when you are gifting it to someone, by getting premium gifts one can easily understand your feelings for them that how much they are special in your life. It could be jewellery, silver plated brass utensils such as tea cups or ice cream cup, silver plated Thali, branded pens, wrist watches, silver or gold plated God’s idols etc.

Dandiya Stick and Navratri Costume

dandiya raasNavratri is the festival of joy and people makes it more joyful by playing Dandiya or doing Garba. It is a tradition to doing Garba or playing Dandiya the entire long nine nights of Navratra, people use to wear “Ghagra Choli” (the dress code of Gujarat) with all the necessary accessories and plays Dandiya for the whole night. So this Dandiya stick or Navratri costume is also the best thing to gift as it’s a celebration of long nine days so they definitely want different outfits for each day so they would definitely love and appreciate your gift.

Sweet and Dry Fruits Hampers

sweetsSweets are taken as a good sign of joy or happiness. We Indian have a ritual to do “Muh Mitha” or have a bite of sweets on a happy occasion for Shubh Shagun. So giving sweet hampers to your relatives is the best way to convey your love and happiness for them. Well people make some sweets themselves but you can gift them different flavor of chocolates also. The sweetness of chocolates dissolves in the environment and it will spread happiness everywhere. Dry fruits are the things which keep you healthy and fit. When you are gifting someone a packet full of Dry fruits it means you want them to stay healthy as they are and considers the hamper as a token of love. Send these Durga pooja gifts hamper online to your relatives through online sites.

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