Unheard Facts about Mother’s Day and How It Should be Celebrated

1“God could not be everywhere, so he created mother”. There is no relation in this world which is as pure and as divine as a mother and child relationship and after all, it is one bond which is made before birth. A woman actually rejoices her life when she is dignified with the position of mother. Since the birth of her child, she devotes and dedicates every single moment of her life for her child only. She is a mother, a mentor, a friend, a teacher, and she plays all the important role in life of her kid, and this is a reason for her dedication, devotion, and support; she really needs to be honored, and that special day to say the unsaid to mom is Mother’s Day.

If we are breathing it is because of her, if we are surviving it is because of her and if we are happy it is also because of her only. Making one day beautiful for her who made our whole life beautiful is required and this is a reason why we celebrate this very significant day. The best part of this celebration is that it is not a festival which is celebrated within a particular tribe, community or country but it is merriment of the whole world.

The story behind Mother’s Day Celebration

The modern time history that supports the celebration of Mother’s Day came from the United States of America. The official celebration of the day on Second Sunday of May started in the year 1908, but the actual celebration started three years prior to that in the year 1905. The main activist for Mother’s Day celebration was Anna Jarvis, who started the day to honor her mom, who died in the year 1905.

Anna Jarvis was a peace activist who cared for the wounded soldiers of American Civil war. She created Mother’s Day work club to address public health issues. She wanted to honor her mother by counting the work she has done for the welfare of the people. She also wanted to honor motherhood and wished for a special day dedicated to mothers. Behind this, her motive was “to honor the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”.  With her continuous effort the bill was passed in US Senate and slowly the world observed Second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

6 Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day

1)Was Called as Mothering Sunday: Before the celebration of mother’s day in the year 1908, there were evidence and stories from the past where the day already exists and was called as Mothering Sunday, in ancient history. It was celebrated in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe that time.

2) Celebrated as Mother’s Friendship Day: This was the movement led by Anna Jarvis, in which she used to teach mothers how they should properly take care of their children. She later organized Mother’s Friendship Day, which after some time got converted into Mother’s Day.

3) First Mother’s Day: The first Mother’s Day was celebrated in the year 1908, at Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia with financial backing from Philadelphia retail owner John Wanamaker.

4) Celebration on Second Sunday of May began At: After the successful celebration of Mother’s Day in the year 1908, Ann Jarvis sought to make it a national celebration. After years of her efforts and dedication, she finally grasped the attention of President Woodrow Wilson in the year 1914, who declared that second Sunday of May would be observed as Mother’s Day, no matter what the date it is. And from that time, the celebration began every year on the second Sunday of May across the globe.

5) Founder Was Not Mother: Anna Jarvis, who is the founder of Mother’s Day, never got married and remained childless throughout her entire life.

6) Celebrated for “Moms” Around the World: All over the world, there are different versions of Mother’s Day, which occurs in the various time of the year.  The most interesting thing about motherhood is that, in the vast amount of languages, word for “mother” begins with the letter ‘M’.

4 Things You Should Do for Mum This Mother’s Day

The special day for mother really needs to be celebrated in the best form. For those, who really want to do something special for mum, we are here presenting four astonishing ways, following which they can make the day special for mum and memorable for you.

Get Special Mother’s Day Gift: Of course, the gift is the best thing you can present to mom to tell ‘thank you’, in the most beautiful manner. You can go with the things that she likes or desires or something she would use in her kitchen. From a small gift to a big surprise, anything that you would be presenting to mom would be valuable for her. So, don’t think much about the price and go for it.

Send Mother’s Day Flower and Cake Online: You have to do something for mom, even if you are away. So, go for online mother’s day flower and cake delivery to her doorstep and make her feel your presence when you are sitting miles away.

Spend Day with Mom: Your mom would not appreciate any present as importantly as you spending a complete day with her. Spare a day from your busy schedule and make it the best for mom, by staying close to her.

Travel to a Destination with Mom: This is really a wonderful idea to celebrate Mother’s Day. Traveling with mom to some destination on this special day would surely make the moment memorable and pleasurable too.

These are few of the most interesting facts about Mother’s Day. The mother’s day celebration ideas would surely rock when you have the strong desire to do something really very special for your mom. It is once in a year celebration; and don’t miss the opportunity to tell the untold and most special feelings of your hard, to the lady with whose blessings, you are surviving.