Celebrate the Merriment of Raksha Bandhan with Modern Day Fancy and Designer Rakhis

Raksha Bandhan is a very popular Hindu festival which is celebrated in the pious month of Shravana every year. The festival is to mark the deep love and affection between brothers and sisters. The day is observed with celebrated in India and places around the world with population of Hindus. It is the sacred thread of rakhi that makes the day. A successful relationship depends on two things one is the effort made to keep a tight hold on the relationship and other is beautiful moments shared with each other. One of such cute relationship is cheered through the festival of Raksha Bandhan. It is a day that commemorates the bond of love, care and affection between brothers and sisters. Celebrate the best of the relationship with your sibling by presenting adorable rakhi and rakhi gifts. Below mentioned are adorable ranges of rakhi online.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!Kundan Rakhi: Kundan is a very special stone which is used for ornamental purpose. To bejewel rakhi with her love and the most precious things, Kundan Rakhi (Elitehandicrafts.com/rakhi/kundan-rakhi.php) is a very good option for sisters to choose kundan rakhi. There are different variants in the rakhi design which makes it one of the favorite pick for sisters.

Navratan Rakhi: Navratan means nine gems. It is one of the precious things that people use often for ornamental purpose. It is a deep concern of sisters to choose best Navratna rakhi for brother and it is such a choice that can aid her in her mission.

Bracelet Rakhi: Rakhi cannot be rakhi only, it is something that sister ties with acute love and affection to brother. So, with sister’s desire that her rakhi should remain in brother’s wrist throughout the year, bracelet rakhi is one of the finest choices.

Watch Rakhi: it is one of the most precious rakhi presentations by sister for her bro. This is a type of rakhi that depicts the feature of both watch and rakhi, hence becomes the favorite accessory for brother that he can wear for a longer duration of time.

If you are unable to meet brother on the holy celebration of Raksha Bandhan, then here is the finest choice available to you. Send rakhi online to India or in other places of the world where your brother is living along with a pleasant rakhi gifts hamper for brother and justify the true meaning of the festival which is celebration of siblinghood.


Fight the Distance this Raksha Bandhan with E-Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is a much awaited festival for brothers and sisters. The festival is filled with zest and zeal that colors the environment with love and happiness all over. The holy festival which celebrates togetherness of brother and sister falls on the month of Shravana every year. It is a day in which beautiful set of rituals are performed to make the fill the day with happiness and joy. Rakhi thread is meant to be that much powerful, that it can tie two strangers in the relationship bonding of brother and sister.

Raksha BandhanWith Rakhi there are few other things which need to be acknowledged by brother and sister both, and it is the presence. It is required on the part of brother and sister both that they should be together to celebrate each and every merriment of the day. But due to unavoidable circumstances it is sometimes not possible to be together on the special moment. If you are also facing such issues with the commemorating festival of Raksha Bandhan then here are the finest ways to make things happen successfully at both the ends.

Online rakhi wishes: There is much more effect of social media in our present time. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Imo, Line, Hangout, G+, etc. these are few of the very popular social sites that are used to convey messages to people who are not near when it comes to distance. In the special festival of Raksha Bandhan you can shorten the gap between your siblings with online Rakhi wishes. Convey beautiful wishes for the day with thoughtful messages and surprises for sister and beautiful rakhis for bro.

E-rakhi:  The whole world has turned online and it is because of the ease of internet technology at every place. One of the greatest assets of online technology is e-shopping. It is becoming one of the finest mediums for people to buy products for themselves and also for gifting purpose. Sisters can very conveniently send rakhi online to India or other places of residence of their brothers. With rakhi, gifts can also get complemented for brother living at far distant place.

Make your best presentation in Raksha Bandhan, by presenting a very special rakhi and rakhi gifts for your brother. It is well understood that distance can be there sometimes in relationship but with love and dedication every distance can be shortened. And, Raksha Bandhan is such a festival which needs true affection and care.

You can buy or send rakhi and rakhi gifts online by logging onto Elitehandicrafts.com/rakhi/. Here you will find amazing range and unique collection of rakhi and gifts.


Why Designer Rakhi is a Good Choice for Raksha Bandhan

Every special day of celebration is adorned to its best with the presence of family members in it. In fact there are many festivals in India that is supposed to be celebrated with family only and one of such days is the day of Poornima in the month of Shravana which is often referred as the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is a very famous and one of the most notable days of events in India. It is a popular Hindu festival, which is meant to strengthen the bond of love and care between brothers and sisters. On this day of festival by following the special ritual of the day, both brother and sister vow to each other to be together and forever. The significance of the festival is much rested on the sacred thread of Rakhi that is tied around brother’s hand.

Happy Raksha BandhanRakhi is a designed Mauli thread which is a band of protection and good will tied by sister to brother’s wrist as a pray for his wellness and longevity. In the earlier times when fashion and trend was not in much existence simple mauli thread was used as rakhi by sisters. Mauli is a sacred thread of red and white color. In all the religious offering mauli was used as a protection thread. Similarly on the day special as Raksha Bandhan brothers and sisters while keeping alive the dignity of Mauli Rakhi (elitehandicrafts.com/rakhi/mauli-rakhi.php) thread pay homage to the special bond of relationship. The bondage of love and affection between brother and sister is considered to be the pure form of relation. It is respected all over.

Festival of Raksha Bandhan is marked because of the beautiful rakhi thread. Many modifications are now involved in this sacred bond which is now popularly known as designer rakhi. This type of rakhi is really a boon for the sisters, who look for style and trend in rakhi designs as well. Rakhi is an annual celebration of the purest bond of siblinghood. Hence the thread meant for the day needs to be special. Designer rakhi is supposed to be in brother’s wrist for a longer period of time as compared to ordinary rakhi. Apart from this designer rakhi is not only a simple thread of rakhi but it becomes a fashion accessory for brother. This Raksha Bandhan go for designer rakhi the moment you send rakhi online to India for your dear brother. Log onto Elitehandicrafts.com/rakhi/ to check out the amazing range and fabulous collection of designer rakhis online. Pick the best designer rakhi for your loving brother and make Raksha Bandhan festival very special.


Four Rakhi Gift Hampers to Choose Online for Your Brother

The day of raksha Bandhan is significant for both brothers and sisters and it is because it’s a very precious moment to cheer the special bondage of love, care and affection. Raksha Bandhan is a grand annual celebration that falls usually in the month of July or August as per English calendar that is the month of Shravana in Hindu calendar. On the full moon day which is also called as Poornima or Rakhi Poornima full rituals are performed by both brothers and sisters. With a firm belief on the sacred rakhi thread sisters tie it in the wrist of their brothers, and with this brother vows to protect her from all the tough phases of her life. We all are aware with the sweet and sour relation of brother and sister, though it is one of the most mysterious relations, but no bondage in this bond is as stronger as the siblings bond. And this is one of the main reasons why Raksha Bandhan festival and other festivals of siblinghood are observed around the world.raksha bandhanOn this day of festival brother and sister both fulfill the obligations from their side. It is one of the responsibilities of a sister to find the best rakhi present for her brother. If you also have a brother and are looking for perfect gifting options for bro online are listed below.

Rakhi with Sweet: Sweets are always the best compliment for all the special celebrations. For a festival as special as Raksha Bandhan, brothers can be cheered with a yummilicious rakhi surprise. There are lots of Indian sweets that are available with rakhi combo you can choose it for your brother to be presented in Raksha Bandhan.rakhi with sweetsRakhi with Dryfruits: If you want to present a healthy treat to your brother on Raksha Bandhan then go with dryfruits. Dryfruit boxes and special dryfruits basket is a gift that will remain with your brother for a longer period of time and it is something that will be healthy and beneficial for your bro.rakhi with dryfritsRakhi with Chocolates: Chocolates are the favorite of people of all the ages. No matter whether you have a small brother or have a elder bro a chocolate treat for Raksha Bandhan is something that will be loved and admired by all. You can go with imported chocolates if you really want to make it a sophisticated present.rakhi with chocolatesRakhi with Personalized Gifts: For the occasion as special as Raksha Bandhan personalized gifts will always favor the gifting. If you want to do something really special and memorable for your bro then for sure personalized gifts is something you should surely move in for. You can choose personalized cake, personalized coffee mugs, personalized photo frames, personalized cushions, personalized calendar etc.rakhi with personalized giftsSo on this lovely festival of Raksha Bandhan make the preparation to the grand from your side. Present a special rakhi hamper to your bro. And if you are not with him, you can send rakhi gifts to brother online with Elite Handicrafts and wish your savior a very happy Raksha Bandhan.


Amazing Rakhi Presents for Bhabhi

Raksha Bandhan is just another great moment for brother and sister relationship. The day is an important day of celebration. On this very special moment brother and sisters rejoice every custom and ritual of celebration. But the mirth of the day is not limited to siblinghood relation. The term of celebration is something else. The string of day celebration increases even if the relation between the two expends. To a married brother the obligation from sister’s side increases because now she is required to tie rakhi to brother’s wife as well.bhabhi ki rakhiOn the special moment of Raksha Bandhan sister is obliged to tie rakhi to her brother’s wife as well. A special rakhi which is tied to bhabhi is called as lumba rakhi. Lumba is a Marwari word that means bangle. This is a latkan sort of bangle adorned with special motifs to be bejeweled as sister-in-law’s hand. The special rakhi surprise is also one of the main requirements for the moment. Sister’s present rakhi gift to brother and in the same manner she buys a rakhi present for bhabhi too. There is a plethora of available options of rakhi gift for bhabhi available equally with the same variations in online as well as traditional market.raksha bandhanIf your bhabhi is away from you and still you require surprising her for the day, then you can go with gifts such as designer jewelry, saree, kurti, stoles, dupattas, fashion accessory, handbags and clutches. And if you want a surprisingly special customized present then you can go with personalized gifts such as personalized coffee mug, personalized calendar, personalized cushions, personalized wall clock and personalized photo frame.lumba rakhiAlong with this there is a great option of personalized cake and also cake with flower combo. If you wish to present her a common gift then items of home décor, divine and spiritual gifts and idols of gods is the perfect choice for the day. You can either go with a common gift for bhaiya and bhabhi or can even choose a special rakhi gift for your bhabhi. If both of you are distant apart then in that case you can Send Rakhi Gifts for Bhabhi to India Online at best affordable price from Elite Handicrafts.bhaiya bhabhi rakhi


Three Best Rakhis for Brother Available Online

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals around the world. On this sacred day of the year brothers and sisters makes the best preparation from their side to make the day a grand occasion. It is celebrated in the holy Shravana month. On this day several rituals are performed to strengthen the nicest sibling’s relationship bond. The biggest obligation for the day is fulfilled from sister’s side where she is supposed to tie a pious rakhi thread to his brother’s wrist. For fulfilling the desire of sisters, there are many designer rakhis for them to tie across brother’s wrist. This option is also available for online shoppers. There are many designer rakhis available for rakhi online shopping so that sisters can access it easily and send it to their brother, wherever he is. Send rakhi online to India for your dear brother and tell him, what importance he holds in your life.rakhiBracelet Rakhi: Bracelet rakhi is one amongst the popular demands from sisters for rakhi online shopping. The ease of tying this rakhi and the stylish look that it carries makes it a fashion accessory more than a simple rakhi thread. Hence this is a reason why bracelet rakhi is one of the favorite picks of sisters. This is a type of rakhi that can be tied around brother’s wrist and sisters can expect it to be here for a longer period of time. Hence the desire that this rakhi can be tied to brother’s wrist for a longer time keeps it in the top list of sisters.bracelet rakhiDiamond Rakhi: The sterling look of diamond is always liked and appreciated by all. No matter, whether a male or female lust for diamond is always the same. A diamond rakhi is therefore one of the best picks for rakhi. Diamond rakhi is available in different and very attractive patterns like auspicious diamond rakhi, bracelet diamond rakhi and lumba diamond rakhi.diamond ralkhiJeweled Rakhi: shine and luster of precious stones is liked by everyone. This is one of the main reasons why jeweled rakhi is preferred by sisters to tie to brother. Jeweled rakhi are of different types like golden rakhi, silver rakhi, diamond rakhi, platinum rakhi, pearl rakhi, Navrattan rakhi, beads rakhi and dual motif rakhi comes under this category.jeweled rakhiRakhi is though a simple thread but the meaning of this pious string just doubles when it is tied around brother’s wrist. Rakhi thread is meant to join heart and relation of sibling. The best message of the day is delivered with adequate gifts for the moment. Hence sisters also send rakhi gifts for brothers. There is an array of beautiful rakhi and gift hampers at Elite Handicrafts, sisters can pick rakhi and enjoy the benefit of free delivery in India.


Rakhi Gifts for Brother: A Perfect Goodie Box of Happiness for Bro

If in this world there is a festival that could justify the purity of love bond between siblings then it is only and only Raksha Bandhan. This name is made from two Hindi words, ‘Raksha’ which means to protect and ‘Bandhan’ means bond. So collectively the meaning of Raksha Bandhan comes out to be the bond of protection. And this is what sisters exactly do. She ties a holy and pious thread called Raksha Sutra or formally called Rakhi, around brother’s wrist and prays to god for his longevity and progress in life.

rakhi comboBlessed are the brothers, who have sweet sisters to adorn their hand on this very special day of siblinghood. And wait this doesn’t means that sister’s hand will remain empty. She is also bestowed with cash money and gifts from bro for all the namesakes she has done for him. But being a sister if you also want to surprise your bro with a pleasant rakhi gift then for sure it will be a great favor in your relationship. We don’t disagree with the point that brothers are supposed to present rakhi gifts to their lovely sisters, but at the meantime if sister also present something then it is actually a nice act from her behalf.

rakhi with dryfruitRakhi is a festival that is not bonded with distances of country and states. No matter if there is a distance of seven seas or mountains a sister will always manage to Send Rakhi to Brother wherever he is. Earlier it was quite tough to process the desire of sending rakhi to distant places and was a month-long affair as well, but nowadays with the commencement of online gifting and Rakhi Online sisters can very easily manage to send their best wishes along with rakhi to their dear brothers. But there is something else combined with this trend and it is rakhi gifts for brother. It is trending and this hashtag is also becoming popular in many online gifting portals and shopping sites. So, if you are also searching for uniqueness this Raksha Bandhan then you can try out rakhi gifts for brothers.

rakhi with sweetsThere are so many things that you can present to your bro in order to please him on this notable day of siblings love. Start with sweets and dryfruits. If you want to add more flavors to his rakhi then you can go with rakhi special cake, rakhi special sweets, dryfruits for rakhi, rakhi chocolate hamper etc. If your desire is for something really special for your brother then personalized gifts for him can make a difference in festivity. There are personalized coffee mugs, wine glasses, bear mugs, cushions, caricatures that can be ideal customized gifts for your bro. Apart from this you can also present watch, apparels, cufflinks, tie, premium pen as a part of Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Brother.