Buy Ceramic Tea Cups and Saucers Set Online: A Special Gift for a Special Occasion

Tea is a source of refreshment, it’s an aromatic beverage and what makes it much better is a beautiful tea cups and saucers set. A perfect and beautiful tea cup can be surely a mood changer for many and can enjoy the tea with much more interest. For having the completeness of tea one must serve the tea in tea cups and saucers set. You might have seen that royal or noble families were uses tea cups and saucers set for drinking tea, you can also feel that royalty by serving tea in beautiful tea cups and saucers set.

cups n saucersThere are many varieties of it which you will get online designer ceramic tea cups and saucer set, stoneware tea cups and saucers set, bone china tea cups and saucers set, porcelain tea cups and saucers set, glossy finish tea cups and saucers, matte finish tea cups and saucers and much more. Choose the best as per your choice and buy ceramic tea cups and saucers set online and make the tea time more refreshing and energetic. People mostly prefer ceramic ware as it is heat resistant that can protect the heat to passes through the cup, ceramic are the best and most preferred material for kitchenware. In fact you can see that 70% of our households are made or use of ceramics like the roof, bathroom, home decors and kitchenware. So you can buy ceramic tea cups online with matching saucers and compliment your tea table with elegant and stylish tea cups and saucers set.

Tea cups and saucer set is ideal for gifting purpose also, if you are looking for a unique, stylish, sophisticated and special gift for your loved ones on the special occasion then tea cups and saucers set is the best idea for gifting.  If there is a special occasion or festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratra, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan etc. then you can even opt for tea cups and saucers set as gift for your near and dear ones.


Learn Recipes for Mint Tea

If you are wondering how to make mint tea then you are at the right place here. Here you will learn different recipes for making mint tea. Mint is an herb that is widely known for its refreshing flavor, taste and health benefits. It is a great remedy for many stomach related problems like nausea, cramps, indigestion, gas, flatulence, bloating, etc. It is also highly effective for relieving menstrual cramps in ladies. It also helps in stimulating appetite and huger. This herb is also used for culinary purposes in our kitchen. It is also used to make herbal tea, especially the iced or cold versions.

Tips for Making Mint Tea

Mint tea is a type of herbal tea that can be made with both fresh and dried mint leaves. Don’t confused with mint tisane which is a drink prepared by infusing mint into boiling water. In some reasons, mint tisane is also referred to as mint tea. But in real mint tea is a tea prepared and blended with fresh or dried mint leaves. In herbal tea peppermint and spearmint are also used. Here are some tips for making different types of mint tea. Have a look at them and try to prepare them at your home.

Green Mint Tea

In order to prepare this type of mint tea you will need ingredients like a few stems of fresh mint, a tea pot, some water for boiling tea, a bag of green tea (or black tea leaves), and sweetener (honey or sugar as per your choice). Boil water in a pan and pure hot water to a teapot. Then add tea bag or tea leaves along with sugar or honey. Steep for a few minutes. Once the tea gets a fresh mint taste then remove the leaves and tea leaves or tea bags through strainer. Serve it hot in fancy ceramic tea cups with matching saucers to make tea time enjoyable.


Plain Mint Tea

You will also like plain mint tea which is actually herbal mint drink without tea. To make this add boiling water to fresh or dried mint leaves. For extra mint flavor you may crush the leaves slightly. Steep the mix for about 15 minutes. Strain the leaves and add required amount of sugar and honey to enhance the taste. Serve hot in ceramic tea cups and saucers with fresh mint leaves for enhanced presentation.


Lemon Mint Tea

Lemon, fresh mint leaves, water and sugar are main ingredients for making lemon mint tea. You may replace sugar with honey as per your choice. Use the same method of green mint tea and lastly add few drops of fresh lime. Serve hot to your guest in designer ceramic tea cups. You can also try different versions of mint tea with fresh lemon juice, orange juice and pineapple juice.

mint tea


How to Make Ginger Honey Tea

If you are looking for a recipe for “how to make ginger honey tea”, then you are at the right place here. In this article I am going to discuss tips on how to make tasty ginger honey tea. Ginger tea should be prepared with fresh young ginger for enhanced flavor, taste and aroma. But when you are out of fresh ginger then you can also use ground ginger instead. In order to make ginger tea you will need just a handful of ingredients: 4 cups water, ¾ teaspoon tea leaves, honey for taste, and 1 fresh lemon.

a cup of refreshing ginger tea

a cup of refreshing ginger tea

Methods for making ginger honey tea: Boil 4 cups water in saucepan or tea pot or kettle; whatever you prefer. When the water starts boiling, add the ground ginger or fresh young ginger into the water. Steep or sheer it for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add the tea leaves to the boiling ginger water. After a minute pour the tea into tea cups through a strainer. Then add honey and few drop of lime on tea. Enjoy ginger honey tea or serve it in beautiful ceramic tea cups and saucers.


About Tea and Its Types

There are several types of tea which come from the same basic plant, the Camellia Sinensis plant. The difference between different types of tea arise from processing methods, growing conditions, and geography. There are about 3000 varieties of tea. Tea has been the most consumed beverage or drink in the world after the water.ceramic tea cupBlack tea, honey tea, green tea, oolong tea, matcha tea, white tea, puerh tea, yellow tea, herbal tea, lemon tea, etc are known types of tea which are consumed by people nowadays. The most common types of tea are black, white, green and oolong. Tea can be consumed either iced or hot. There are different methods for preparation of a cup of tea. The method of preparing tea can be vary area to area.

Tea can be served well in ceramic tea cups with matching saucers. Buy ceramic tea cups and saucers online at best price from


Ceramic Tea Cups and Saucers Set as a Gift for Someone

If you thinking about buying a set of tea cups and saucers as a gift for someone then you should also think what is available in the market or online marketplace before you make purchase. Tea cups and saucers are very popular household items. You can see these in any residence because tea is liked by many people. Hence gifting a nice set of cups and saucers would be a great idea. Tea cups and saucers are made from various materials like metal, brass, steel and ceramics.EHCC202Nowadays, ceramic tea cups and saucers are preferred by many people due to appealing designs and attractive colors. Available in different colors, designs and patters, ceramic tea cups and saucers can be the perfect items for gifting purpose. Bone china, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, etc are also kind of ceramic materials which are used for making attractive tea cups and saucers. Many modern style tea ware, cups, saucers, etc are made from ceramic, bone china and porcelain. One can gift cups and saucers on birthday, anniversary, housewarming or other special occasions.

If you are determined to buy ceramic tea cups and saucers set as a gift for someone then you should buy it from the legitimate or recognized dealer. You can also buy it online. There are several online portals from where you can purchase antique, designer, fancy or attractive tea ware at best price. Whether you are looking for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or housewarming gifts; a nice set of ceramic tea cups and saucers set is sure to delight the recipients.


Shop Online for Quality Ceramic Products

The trends of online shopping has boosted E-commerce industry significantly. Online shopping or internet shopping means that one can buy or purchase any item of any type in real time through an online shopping store or e-commerce website. Nowadays one can buy online even fragile items like ceramic tea cups, ceramic tea cups & saucers sets, ceramic coffee mugs, and other items made from ceramic. There are several benefits of shop online for quality ceramic products like tea cups, mugs, saucers sets, bowls, plates, dinnerware, etc.ceramicPeople (customers) can easily find a quality ceramic product that they are interested in by simply visiting any online shopping portal or using search engines to look for them. They can go for specific site that sells quality ceramic products. is such as website that is renowned for selling quality ceramic products online. Just like any other item, ceramic products like tea cups and mugs can be purchased online for personal use, gifting purpose, office use or others.

If you are looking for purchasing ceramic tea cups, ceramic coffee mugs, ceramic dinner plates, ceramic bowls, or other ceramic products; then first of all you need to know your budget and then begin hunt for the ceramic products you are fascinated with through different search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. You might get a list of a number of online portals offering your desired products. So you must compare prices and deicide if you want to buy the item from the store offering the lowest price. Apart from lowest price there are several other things you should keep in your mind while purchasing ceramic products online. You should check if the online shopping store offers shipping to your area and whether the shipping cost suits within your budget or not. You should also check payments options.

If you want to buy ceramic product like tea cups, tea cups & saucers set, coffee mugs, milk mugs, soup bowls, multipurpose bowls, vegetable bowls, salad bowls, dinner plates, etc for personal use or gifting purpose; there are a number of e-commerce website offering these items with highly competitive price. You need to ensure that there is 100% secure payment option. You should also check COD (cash on delivery) facility. There are many website who does not offer cash on delivery facility. You must check return policy. You must ignore the website that does not have return policy posted somewhere on the site.

You can also find several compression website where you can compare prices for different ceramic products for free and then you can select the best product and best price online. These were some important things you should keep in mind while you buy ceramic products online, either for personal use, office use or gifting purpose. You should select the best option that beset suits your needs and preferences.

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The Beautiful World of Ceramicware

Whether it’s the time for tea time, dinner, lunch or serving your guest Ceramicware is your best companion which helps you to have a nice kitchenware at home. Infact the whole house is wreathed by Ceramicware and it really supports you well for having attractive home decors which helps you to make your house beautiful. Ceramics are the best choice for your kitchenware as well as decorating your interior. People mainly prefer Ceramicware for their kitchenware because of its specialties and qualities. Ceramic are also as brittle solids but the materials used for making it gives a wide range of property, ceramics are strong and durable and heat resistant. Ceramics can endure the high temperature so do not get cracks or breaks.

It spread happiness for every lady of the house who always complaints for having a good kitchenware as she is the head of the kitchen and the responsibility of handling guests and serving them good is all in her head. So in that case ceramic really helps as its stylish designs really impresses the guests and we all know people always get attract towards things which are stylish and beautiful in look wise.

Buy designer ceramic tea cups and saucers set online for welcoming your guests or relatives. Tea cups and saucers complete your tea set and are best for serving the tea to your guests. It provides a royalty look with the comforts for sipping tea. Well it could be a nice beginner too for starting your conversation as everybody does good comments for prettier things. So it’s really very beneficial for you all. Ceramic tea cups and saucers comes in many designs, patterns, shape and sizes and colors which are perfectly fit for your evening tea time or for a fresh morning.

Ceramic Tea Cup Sets

Buy ceramic tumblers online for completing your ceramic crockery set. Whenever you serve your dinner in Ceramicware you miss the ceramic tumblers people generally uses the tumblers of glass or steel material which are not going with your ceramic set. The tumblers also must be of ceramic material so that your dinner set will look complete. So complete your dinner set by purchasing ceramic tumblers online. It can be used for water including all beverages such as tea, coffee and milk you can enjoy all this in tumblers.

ceramic tumblers

Buy ceramic bowls and soup bowls online there are many varieties of bowls online with different designs, colors, shape and sizes and perfect for serving. Ceramic bowls are perfect for serving deserts or curries. Ceramic are the best material for keeping your food hot for longer time so for having your soup in cold winter the ceramic soup bowls are the best as it keeps the soup hot for long time and do not heat the outer side of the bowl because of its poor conductor of heat property. You can buy many unique designs of ceramic bowls and soup bowls online in beautiful and attractive colors which come with the complete set with saucers/plates and spoons with a genuine price rate as compare to the market price.

ceramic soup bowls

Buy kulhad/kulhar online tea cups are the only thing which you will find in everyone’s house in ceramic whether they have the dishes-plates and bowls of any material but the tea cups are commonly found as ceramics because it is strong and durable. Kulhad are same as tea cups were used by our ancestors made by terracotta. Now the same kulhad could be searched online and even at stores of many designs and made by high quality of ceramics. Ceramic kulhad are the best for use as these are handless and the hotness of tea can burn your hands but ceramic protects as it can absorb the temperature and not allows the heat to passes through it. Buy designer kulhad of different designs with multicolor online for styling up your tea set.

 Ceramic Kulhar/Kulhad/Shikora

Buy coffee mugs online

Coffee mugs are now very much popular as the gifting items. Whether to gift your friend, beloved or parents you give them coffee mugs with different and unique printing designs. You can find the best collection of coffee mugs online; marvelous designs with attractive colors huge collection of coffee mugs are available online in affordable and discounted prices. Now gift your near and dear ones the best coffee mugs of your choice anywhere anytime even shop for your kitchen décor as you can use the mugs for drinking coffee as well as milk.

Milk & Coffee Mugs

Buy plates and dishes online

Plates and dishes are mainly used in ceramic for serving your guests or using on some special occasions but ceramics are made for using daily and one of the best things for gifting too. You can give ceramic plates and dishes to your relatives who really like to cook it will be adorable and admirable gift for them. You can add up to your kitchen décor also for making high level of your dining table. You can use ceramic plates for serving your guests instead of any glass or steel utensils. Ceramics looks better in comparison with other materials so buy the ceramic dishes and plates online in different designs and multicolor.

Find as many as you can, you will get the endless varieties of Ceramicware with different designs and patterns at online shopping sites in affordable and discounted price of high qualities. Buy Ceramicware online for completing your kitchen décor and serving your guests in best manner.



Bring More Refreshment to Your Tea Time with Designer Ceramic Tea Cups

ceramic tea cupAs the clock shows “5” the aroma of tea can be felt everywhere, when the sun sets it’s the best time for tea or probably known as the ‘Tea Time’. People come back from their offices or work in tired condition and at the time aroma and taste of the tea refreshes them and the get rid from their tiredness. Sipping tea is just the way to refresh your mind which makes you energetic. Well you can say that it’s a nice excuse for having some quality time with your partner, friends or relatives etc. Make the special tea time with special tea cups. It’s proven that a beautiful thing has the catchy power, it can attract anybody and even feels better to have a sip of tea in a colorful and beautiful ceramic tea cups.

ceramic tea cup2Tea cups are the essentials for every kitchen décor and when it comes to tea cups and saucers ceramics are the first choice for everyone. When a guest comes to your house the first thing you serve them is ‘tea’ and a stylish designer cups helps you to make a good impression among them. There are varieties of ceramic cups online, better design and stylish look with beautiful and different colors all are easily available online in best and affordable prices. The cups comes in many designs and even in different shapes and sizes like Floral printed cups, kulhar ceramic cups with mirror finish and marble finish looks.

ceramic tea cupsWe always accept new trends new styles whatever comes in fashion especially in kitchenware as the home looks stylish and modern with its household item and kitchenware. When the beauty of these ceramic cups spread its beauty to your tea table and evening time you will definitely gonna have a refreshing evening time. The designs and the different colors of these cups give an extra ordinary look to your kitchen décor, not just to add them into your kitchenware you can also gift them to your loved ones so that they could also have the taste of a good tea in good tea cups. And it would be an adorable gift item for your near and dear ones.


Stylish Kitchenware to Beautify Kitchen Area

One of the prominent places in home is kitchen. To make appetizing food so that you can impress your loved ones you need proper kitchenware. Whether it’s cooking utensil, serving plates or storage containers, each and every kitchenware is important at house. Though all of them fall under different categories but still they all are collectively significant for kitchen area.

Females spend a lot of time of the day in kitchen, or you can say a large portion of their daytime is spent in kitchen area. And it is a human tendency that he beautifies the place wherever he spends time. Similarly if it’s your wish to have a stylish kitchen area then you must start the process with your kitchenware.

Have modern and trendy kitchen items, that includes non stick cookware, ceramic cups and mugs, lock and seal containers for storage and much more. A stylish kitchenware at your kitchen will not only beautify the place but it will also work as your personality enhancer in front of your friends and loved ones.

Dhanteras Gifts

Whether it’s a multilayer coated cooking pan, a melamine dinner set or a beautiful bone china tea cup each and every thing that falls under the similar category are boon to kitchen. For example a fine bone china cup when used to serve beverage to your friends then it will surely enhance your status. Not for other but for you as well, having your meal or cooking your meal in stylish cookware will give you an extreme pleasure from within. So be stylish and have modern range of kitchenware to beautify your kitchen space even more.

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Items of Home Décor as Diwali Gift

The week long festival of Diwali is round the corner. People get engaged in the preparation of the festival month before the day. There are many celebrations and so much of joy and fun during the festive time of Diwali. It is believed that goddess Laxmi the deity of wealth and prosperity, visits each house on Diwali night and showers prosperity all over. This is why people put best of their efforts to make home clean beautiful and shiny so that goddess may shower wealth and prosperity for sure. Old things in the house are replaced with the new ones. Whether its home décor, furnishing or wall paints everything old is replaced by a new one on Deepavali.

People buy brand new items for home décor to cherish on the week long festival. As we know that Diwali is a gift exchange day. People present beautiful token of love to the near ones. Whether sweets, dry fruits, home décor, home furnishing or decorative items these all work as presents to those who are really special to us. Gifting is a ritual for the day. The list of receivers became so long on Diwali that it really becomes confusing for many to select and get appropriate gift for everyone.

Silver Platedceramic cups

The motto of gifts should go with the festival, which means that when you are gifting a Diwali present then it should go according to the theme of the day. It could be diyas, candles, sweets etc. For those who really wish to make it a special present then it could be home décor items. Spiritual idols, decorative, showpieces, antique collection, home furnishing items, bedsheets, cushions, lamps etc all are good options.

Dhanteras Gifts :