Three Best Holi Gujiya and Namkeen Combo You Will Fall For

With the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaching everyone is preparing for the color carnival. Other than colors the thing that justifies holi festival well is of course Gujiyas and namkeens. Holi is an eating carnival saying this would never be wrong. Indians are known for their hospitality all around the world. And when it’s the special holi festival their hospitality is at its peak. No loved ones house is left unvisited on holi, because holi is the festival of togetherness. People visit their loved ones, apply colors on their faces and have snacks at each other’s place and in this way the message of togetherness is conveyed through the festival. Hence distances are not an issue if you want to rejoice the festival with your loved ones; you can Send Holi Gifts Online to India for them and enjoy the day. Elite Handicrafts brings you the best Holi Gujiya and Namkeen Combo just ideal for you and your dear ones this Holi.holi food

Gujiya and Color Combo: Gujiya and color these are the two main elements of Holi, so if you wish to convey the real wishes for the day, then of course you should go with Gujiya and color combos. For you we have a very delectable hamper of branded Gujiya from sweet houses like Haldirams and Bikanerwala. Scented skin friendly holi colors are just perfect for you to justify the celebration for the day.gujiya with gulal

Gujiya and Sweets Combo: Looking for something extra sweet, then the sugar dipped dryfruits filled Gujiyas are just perfect for the occasion. Complimented with Gujiyas other traditional Indian sweets can bring more sweetness to the celebration. Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Kaju Katli, Besan Laddoo, Chamcham, Pista Barfi and Mewa Laddoo are the delectable holi combos with Gujiya.gujiya with sweets

Gujiya and Namkeen: Last but not the least, the perfect sweet and salty combo is just what everyone desires on holi. For the festive preparation when kitchens spread the aroma of Gujiya at the meantime potato chips and namkeens are dried on courtyard. So this perfect combo can be sent to your buddies or close family member. If you want to add something more to it, then Thandai with this namkeen and Gujiya pack can be a good option.gujiya with namkeen

This holi, surprise your near and dear ones with something really fantastic and special. Present the very impeccable combo of sweet and salty namkeen and Gujiya. We offer Gujiyas and namkeens from the top brands like Haldirams and Bikanerwala, so that your Holi Gifts can be premium just like your relationship.


Five Delectable and Colorful Cakes Holi Special for Loved Ones

We all are well aware about this point that holi is a celebration of love, fun and trust. And above everything it is a food carnival. Snacks and sweets are the main elements that justify the celebration for the day. Whoever whether near or far, close or not so close is remembered for the day with a pleasant surprise. If you really wish to present something special to your friends or family on the special time of holi then delectable holi cake is something that would definitely fulfill the desires for the day. Holi cakes are different from regular cakes because it has the yumminess of cakes and at the meantime it is colorful that justifies well the celebration of the day. There are varieties of holi special cakes, if you want to pick the best amongst it then here are the five best and delectable holi cakes full of hues that could be a perfect festive present.holi celebration

Regular Holi Cake: regular holi cake is not so regular of course. They are fluffy cakes with a sweet holi message. This kind of cake is perfect for those who are looking for simplicity. These are simple yet special cakes conveying the best message for the day. Holi regular cakes are available in many variants of sizes like ½ kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg etc. These are flavor specific cakes and available in yummilicious savors of vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, chocolate truffle and pineapple.regular cake

Holi Cupcakes: Love for cupcakes is always irresistible. If you are looking for a cute holi gift then it could never be better than a cupcake. These attractive cakes are not only yummilicious but captivating too. These cupcakes will definitely be admired and liked by the people of all the ages, whether small kids or adults. So if nothing is in your minds then you can straightaway go for cute holi cupcakes.cupcakes

Eggless Holi Cakes: For the veggie darlings, there are special eggless holi cakes. Eggless cake is no more boring as it is available in all the variants of sizes and in all the different flavors like vanilla, butterscotch, pineapple, chocolate and chocolate truffle.eggless cake

Colorful Holi Cakes: If its holi the festival of colors, then the cake should also depict this. There are a lot of options of cakes full of hues that will memorize the moment well to the presenter as well as receiver. Colorful holi cakes are for both veggies and not veggies. And like every other type of cake, it is also available in all the sizes and flavors too.colorful cake

Holi Special Photo Cakes: Those who always wish to capture the moment in their camera, a perfect holi image cake is best for them. If you really wish to surprise your loved ones, then nothing is better that special image cakes. You can either go with the memories of past on the cake or the photo of the person you are presenting it.holi photo cake

Holi special cake is definitely a pleasant surprise. And if you wish to make it more special then you can complement the cake with holi colors, gulal, color spray, water balloons, Pichkaris, Gujiya, namkeens and even holi special flowers. Send Holi Special Cakes to your friends and family who are far by distance by near by love.


Four Best Holi Gifts Perfect for Family and Friends

Though there are many festivals that are rejoiced and enjoyed in our country, but holi has its own significance. Holi the well known festival of colors is though celebrated in every corner of the country but the way of celebration differ it from one another. Every part of India celebrate Holi in its own way like the Lathmar Holi in Vrindavan and Holi Carnival in Goa are totally two different celebrations but the theme of both remains the same which is statuary to fun and enjoyment. Holi is the festival enjoyed best with friends and family. But if you are unable to meet the sweet darlings of your life then you can Send Holi Gifts to them and wish them a colorful holi. Here are four best holi gifts for family and friends that could establish your unique way of gifting.holi fun

Holi Gulal and Color Spray: What is the meaning of Holi if there are no color and sprays? Abir and Gulal are the two main elements that signify holi celebration. As holi is the festival of colors, hence the celebration wont be every justified without the hues. No matter if you are unable to color the faces of your loved ones with holi colors; you can send it on your behalf and wish them a very Happy Holi. Scented gulal, silken touch gulal, color snow spray, water balloons, water canons, water Pichkaris are all the inclusive items of this category.holi color

Holi Sweets, Gujiya and Namkeen: with the name of holi many mouths starts drooling and it is because of delectable holi sweets and snacks served during the festivity. There are many popular sweets and namkeens for holi but a lot more credit for the festival serving goes to delectable sugar dipped and dryfruits & Khoya filled Gujiyas. True holi wishes comes with sweets, so you can Send Holi Sweets to your friends and relatives to convey best wishes for the festive day celebration.holi gujiya and color

Holi Special Cakes: wow! What if you open your holi gift hamper or packet and it happens to be a colorful and delectable holi cake. Yes, we all know the significance of cakes in every occasion. So if you wish to do something different then you can present a cake full of hues to your near and dear ones to justify the wishes and meaning of holi festival. There are many holi cakes available in market both regular and eggless. These innovative cakes symbolize holi. Other that this there are image holi cakes as well, so that you can add the real color of memories on yummilicious holi surprise.cake

Holi Flowers and Gifts Combo: When you present flowers to someone this means you are doing this out of love and respect. So presenting holi flowers as a gift of the day could really be meaningful. There are many attractive gift combos with flowers like sweets, holi cake, chocolate hampers, holi personalized gifts, holi grooming hamper etc.holi flowers

This holi, don’t let anyone’s expectation down. Present the best holi gift to cater every special relationship of yours. Whether you want to present it to your close family members or a buddy so dear to you a perfect holi gift would make a difference. And if you are away from the town or city then also you can Send Holi Gifts to India Online.