Story behind Easter Day Celebration and Easter Eggs

27 March is going to be one of the very prominent day for the people of Christian community as it is the day to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the people and also a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As per stories it is believed that in ancient Rome on a Friday Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans, that Friday is now known as Good Friday. He was nailed on a wooden cross in front of mass. To ensure that he was dead, a spear was also pierced in his body. His believers believed that Jesus willingly accepted to be crucified as he was paying for the sins of people. With this he was moving towards salvation. Jesus was buried in a tomb after his crucifixion.jesus christ

But the things don’t stop here. Three days after Jesus was crucified an angel came in the dream of Mary Magdalene and told her that Jesus has resurrected. She went to Jesus tomb and found it was empty. She was that time carrying hard boiled eggs to distribute it with the other people at the tomb of Jesus Christ. She was the first person to see the resurrection of Jesus. With those eggs she went to the king and told him that ‘Jesus has resurrected’.  King laughed at her and said, ‘Jesus has resurrected as the eggs are red’. Immediately at that moment all eggs turned red symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus. From that time eggs became a prominent part of Easter Day celebration.easter eggs

Easter eggs are the symbol of health and fertility; therefore people exchange hard boiled eggs during Easter Day celebration. Fine dining with friends and relatives is a ritual of the day. People visit church and exchange special Easter baskets. If you are looking for Easter Baskets, Easter Egg Baskets, Easter Basket Ideas or Easter Premium Baskets then you can find it at the best price and free shipping at Elite Handicrafts.easter basket

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