Significance of Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami or Astami Rohini whatever they are called they all signify the great moment of celebrating the birth of lord Krishna, the eight avatar of deity Vishnu. India is a country where various religions are practiced and Hindu religion is one amongst the most practiced religion in the country. There are followers of Hindu religion not only in India but also outside the country. There are many foreign visitors who come to India to adopt Hinduism. One of the most popular things that attract them the most is Krishna Bhakti.

happy-janmashtami-13Krishna is the god of love and romance. He is known very well for his raslila. For his special activities he is amongst the most admired god. The popularity of Krishna amongst the people makes them celebrate his birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm. As per a report on festival celebration Janmashtami is the third most celebrated festival in the world after Christmas and New Year and it is all because of a long list of Krishna followers.

Happy-krishna-janmashtamiIt is believed that five thousand years back Lord Krishna incarnated at Mathura on the eighth day of Bhadrapad month which falls in August or September as per Georgian calendar. He is well recognized by his bhakts for his Rasa Lila the dramatic enactments of Krishna. From his birth he has been fascinating his followers with his dramatic activities that make him more adorable. All the activities of Krishna are adored by his followers and are repeated as Krishna Lila on the day of Janmashtami. However in different part of the country there are different ways of celebrating the birth of Krishna but one thing that remains common in all celebrations is an environment filled with complete mirth and merriment.

Janmashtami2Krishna Janmashtami is a very significant celebration in the country. Day before the festival preparation goes on in the full swing. From the birth celebration of Krishna to Dahl Handi competition through the means of various activities Krishna is impressed. People also tend to celebrate the day by presenting attractive Janmashtami gifts to their loved ones that includes Krishna idols, sweets, Flute etc. The firm belief in Krishna and his lessons makes Janmashtami a much awaited festival in India and around the world where there are followers of Krishna. Whole world celebrates the birth of Krishna in the midnight of Astami and greet everyone with full fervor. So, in a collective manner what makes Janmashtami a significant celebration is the joyous environment of the day.