Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Festivals that are celebrated in India are of great importance due to the social message that is being carried with the festival. Deepavali is a festival which has gained its popularity owing to the nature of its celebrations and a great belief that is carried with the celebration of the day. It has long been considered to have a religious significance which is now lost in the universal feelings of goodness and joy which envelop everyone on this day.

Diwali Gifts

This firm belief on the festival is maintained for thousands of years and likely to be maintained in future as well. Of all traditional Indian festivals, Diwali can be safely said to be the most widely accepted and loved by the people of this country. It is one of those rare occasions which give Indians a unique identity, because it is the time when people come together and celebrate the festival. Indian community residing in alien’s land they don’t miss out to celebrate Diwali and this has helped the festival to attain a global recognition.

Whether it’s sweet distribution or gifts each and every occasion of the day is important. Though there are many beautiful and accepted rituals for Diwali but the most admired and accepted ritual is lights. There is a light shower everywhere on Diwali night. Fireworks, crackers, candles, diyas, electric lights these all equipments are the main attractions of the night. Sweets, gifts, dry fruits are other important.

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