4 Most Attractive Brassware You Must Include in Your Home Décor!!!

House is made of bricks and home is made of love. All of us have read this in early childhood days. But there is something else that helps in making house a home to live in and it s the perfect home décor. Home is a place where in the canvas of creativity we put all our favorite colors. We pick few home décor ideas from our loved ones and few are generic. Just like picking the antiques for home improvement. Antique things are always appreciated and it is because it is rare and beautiful. Hence including it in home décor already raises the sophistication of the place. If you are the interior decorator of your home and wish to find the most attractive pieces for that then you must opt for brassware. We are telling you four most attractive brassware items to enhance the look of your home.home decor

Silver Plated Complete Wine Set: No matter whether you are a wine lover or not but inclusion of this sophisticated item would surely add more in your home decoration. Attractive goblets, carafe and water jug completes the set. With easy grip and a lot more style this wine set is going to rock the party.wine set

Silver Plated Ice Cream Bowl:  There is no home where ice cream is not taken as desert, but what if the desert time can be beautified even more. Silver plated brass ice cream bowls with attractive spoons completes the set and also enhances the look of home.ice cream bowl

Gold Plated Pooja Thali: When every thing is beautified with brassware then why not include the same in the temple of your home. Attractive pooja thali set with all the inclusions and needs of pooja are combined with this like pooja bell, lota, diya, chandan holder, incense holder, Mishri holder and pooja thali.pooja thali

Silver Plated Cup and Saucer:  Brass is always considered as a fine metal for eating, dining and serving. Tea time is a very common phenomenon in every household. Guests are always welcomed with tea, so it is very necessary to have attractive cups and saucers to serve guests with dignity. This very attractive cup and saucer is a must inclusion of every sophisticated household.cup and saucers

However so many things are needed to beautify home, but these four things that are exclusively available at Elite Handicrafts is mandatory to beautify the place. Whether its sophisticated wine set, gold plated pooja thali, ice cream bowls or silver plated cup and saucers these antique items will definitely add much more to your home décor.