Fashion Essentials for the Perfect Womanhood

womanhoodTwo very common concerns of women are, they have nothing to wear and they have no space to keep the stuff. Understanding women is difficult and more than that it is complicated to understand their requirements. Even women also don’t know what they want and what they desperately want because there is no, ‘no’ for women when it comes to get their essentials. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find out what the essentials are because the only time one realizes the same is when she is in the need of it at the most. So, to avoid any such situations we are here presenting the complete guide of essentials for the perfect womanhood in you.

The Red Lipstick: As I am a lipstick lover, I would start the things from here only. Lipsticks are not only the highlighters of lips but they are something that highlights the beauty of a female even more. In context with the present sense of fashion a red lipstick is all what is required.

Little Black Dress: LBD or simply the little black dress is definitely the essential of womanhood. Whether it is an office party or you are going for a hot date, nothing can beat the little black dress. It is said that womanhood is enhanced to its double when a woman wears black.

Classic Watch: Other than investing on any other fashion accessory, you should go ahead with a classic watch. A Swiss watch is something worth investing. It would be something worth your investment because would provide you a classy look.

Handbag: Another accessory which is worth investing for a woman is branded handbag. Like people judge you with your shoes they also make out about your personality from your handbag. So, for a woman it is an investment to showcase her standard.

Perfume: Perfume and that too, a branded one is required to flaunt your perfect style. Whether a date or a meeting a good essence will always help you get good rewards.

Blue Denim: Blue denim is the necessity for every woman. Whether a college goer or a working professional; every woman needs these most comfortable and classic pair of jeans to be carefree.

Stilettos: Stilettos and that too of black color is something that you need to have with yourself as it might save you many times when going out.

Leather Jacket: A leather jacket is worth investment for a woman. This would perfectly embrace the womanhood.

Makeup: And, ultimately it is a good investment on makeup is what a woman is supposed to make. Other than lipstick, foundation, kajal, eye shadow, are few inclusions of makeup.

So, these are few of the essentials for a lady that she must have with her. These are not only the needs but the perfect things that could embrace her womanhood even more.


Top 5 Places in India You Can Head for New Year Celebration

new-yearThe last day of a year and the first day of the year, both are significantly important because it is actually the time to celebrate. New Year celebration is in the bucket list of everyone. Some like to celebrate the coming year with their loved ones at home whereas there are people who want to welcome the New Year somewhere out from their comfort area and at a new place. Travelling for New Year celebration is a common concept throughout the people.

People according to their budget visit different places whether inside or outside the country premises. If you are planning to have a trip across India then here are five best party places in the country where you could have the fantastic New Year blast.

Kasol: If you are a true party freak and want to celebrate the upcoming year in your own rules then head towards Kasol. It is a party paradise for the youngsters. The serene beauty and the party friendly environment of the place would definitely make it the best choice for you.

Goa: A party paradise in India both for the domestic and international travelers is definitely Goa. If you really want to enjoy the New Year celebration like a party animal with your friends or loved ones then head to Goa. This is a place that would never disappoint you in any case and in any form.

Jaipur: The Pink City is always a paradise for the travelers from all around the world. For those who are looking for a perfect gateway for the celebration with their family and friends, Jaipur provides many options. Head towards this state capital of Rajasthan and enjoy the moment.

Manali: Head towards Manali if you are n love with snow. Travel with your friends and family to the place to see the snow-clad mountain ranges. This is a place that would never disappoint you in fulfilling your desire with regards to the very special celebration of the year.

Pondicherry: This little French colony in India is a place for party junkies. You should head towards the place to make the best of the moment. You would find a perfect party ambience here and this would justify your desires with regards to the special day celebration.

Make this New Year just a perfect event, spending quality time with your loved ones. In case, your loved ones are away you can pass your wishes with New Year gifts online from thousands of New Year gift ideas available with Elite Handicrafts. You would definitely be cheered by the collection.


Top 5 Christmas Gifts Suggestions from Elite Handicrafts

December is the time of the year which is eagerly awaited by everyone and why not after all the two most important festive blast happens in this month. 25th December is not only the day to celebrate Christmas but it is a moment to celebrate happiness and joy too. And, above everything else Christmas is about gifts.  People express their love, feelings and emotions towards each other by giving gifts.

As gifting is the most important culture of the day hence gift selection becomes the toughest task to deal with. To make the selection easier and happening for you, we are here with some really brilliant gift ideas. Here are the top 5 Christmas gift ideas that would certainly be helpful for you.

Feng Shui Plant: On this Christmas, gift something different. A Feng Shui plant for your loved ones as Christmas gift would always solve your purpose of presenting something different and worth to your close ones. You can use online portals as they would be helpful for you to send Christmas gift online to different parts of the world.

Chocolate Box: Christmas is all about happiness and nothing can define happiness better than chocolates. Presenting chocolate box to your beloveds as Christmas gift is something delectable and worth for the day as well.

Delectable Christmas cake: Send Christmas cake online because it is the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ and cake justifies birthday celebration. If your loved ones reside away from you then you can send Christmas cakes online through reliable gifting or cake delivery portal to complete the desires of the day from your side.

Christmas Décor: Presenting Christmas décor to your loved ones is also a great option for the day. Probably with this gift you would win the heart of the receiver because on the special day there cannot be anything more beautiful than this.

Christmas Flower Arrangement: Flower is always the best presentation of love and affection. On the special occasion when passing love through gifts is the most important gesture of the day gifting flowers would always work for you.

These are the five best gift suggestions from Elite Handicrafts. Make this festival the most unforgettable event for you and your loved ones. For more gift suggestions you can visit our Christmas gift section. We provide same day and express delivery too all over India. You can also send Christmas gifts outside India as we have services there as well.


When Gifts are Not Just enough

2There are many ways to express our love to those who reside very close to our hearts and most of the time people take the assistance of gifts to ooze out their love and emotions. Well, sometimes there is a requirement of special occasions and sometimes there is not. When there is love in between then definitely there is no requirement of special occasion to ooze out the love and emotions. Some relations can be nourished with gifts but at the meantime there are few special bonding for which gifts are not just enough.

In situations like that, there is a requirement of something unique and something off the beat. Well, for such special bonding of relationship of yours, we are here with some really fascinating ideas that would serve you more than gifts.

Special Flower Arrangement: Special flower arrangement is something that would ooze out your love and emotions perfectly. For the love of your life there cannot be anything better than flowers. Valentine day, Christmas, birthday, New Year, Anniversary; or any other occasion expressing the love is always better with romantic flowers.

Romantic Cake: A delectable cake for the love of your life is a present that would always help your love to touch the glory. There can be many ways to express your love but when there would be a treat of cake for the very special person of your life then definitely it will help you to get those brownie points.

Personalized Gift: Gifting memories is the best present for someone, and when the memory is in the form of personalized gift then definitely its glory is incomparable. Whether it’s personalized calendar, personalized coffee mug, cushion, towel, bed sheet, table top, or anything else; giving a personalized touch to gifts would always create great memories.

A Quality Time Together: And, above everything else if you really want to gift something special to your loved ones then gift them your time. Spending a quality time together with your loved ones is the incomparable gift.

So, these are few of the pretty good ideas to express love, care and attention towards those who stay closer to your heart. Whether your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife; these are the relations that always need special attention and care. The gifts that we have mentioned above would perfectly help you in coming to the good books of your partner.


How to Send Christmas Gifts Online to India

The most awaited festival of the year is Christmas. It is the day which is celebrated with the great zest and zeal throughout the world. Christmas is the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ. It is a day to celebrate love and humanity and people justify their action on the day by presenting gifts and goodies to their loved ones. Along with the other prominent gifts for the day, Christmas cake is also a main presentation. Happiness doubles with sharing and this is what goes with the special Christmas cake.

On this 25th December, if you are worried passing the wishes of festival to loved ones residing in India then you really need not to worry about anything. We are here with the best solution that would tell you the way how you can send Christmas gift online to India.

Search for the Online Portal: Sending Christmas cake online is easy for this; the first important thing that you need to search out for is the online portal that would provide you with the chance. By searching your desired keyword, you would get that and know about the places from where you can send gift for Christmas online.

Search for Product: The second thing that you need to search out for is your desired gift. Yes, look out for the gift that you want to present. The most important thing that you need to do during the same is that, you should look out for your desired product at various platform, so that you may crack the best deal in the same.

Compare Price and Select Deal: Compare the price of your gift at the different platforms. You should also check out if there is special deal at any place. To be at the safest side and to grab the best deal, comparison would always help you out.

Apply Special Coupon Code: Now, if you really want to shop smart then look out for the special coupon codes for the same. There are many places where you can search for the coupon codes applying what you can grab the best deal in your purchase.

So, these are few of the efficient ways for you, using what you can very easily buy and send Christmas gift to India. Whether, it is the Christmas cake, Christmas flower, or any other present, using the points that are mentioned above, you can surely attain the great convenience.


How to Say Sorry Romantically

i am sorrySo, you had a squabble with your partner and now you realized that it was your mistake. Well, don’t get disheartened because it happens. If there is a mistake then there is a solution to that as well, and that solution is nothing but a Sorry. Well the word ‘Sorry’ is so small but it has the capacity to win someone’s heart. If you realized your mistake then there is nothing greater than this but for the person on the other side, you have to be, little more obliged.

Of course, sorry will work in this regard but when the relationship is more special then you need to apologize in a romantic manner. Sorry can be romantic, yes of course it can be and if you are wondering how then here is the answer to that. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can say sorry to someone in the most romantic manner.

Sorry Date: Take him or her on a sorry date and definitely, it would wipe away all the issue in between you two. Yes, the date needs to be romantic but even if it is not, your sorry would definitely make it the one. So, the first thing that you should try to apologize for your mistake and something that would definitely melt heart is sorry date.

Sorry Flower: It is the trendiest way to confess your mistake. A bunch of flowers has a miracle and it can turn down anyone. Don’t give it a second thought when you already know that it was your mistake. Go with sorry flowers and you can make the mood of the person. If you want to give it as a surprise then you can send sorry flowers online.

Sorry Cards: Cards are definitely the best medium for expressing the medium. Even today in the time of Whatsapp and Facebook, a card is more effective when you want to pour down your emotions and feelings to someone. You can also opt for the option to send sorry card online as a surprise gesture of your apologies.

Sorry Cake: Now, this is something really fantastic for you to confess your mistake. You can go with a sorry cake as it would be a romantic presentation from your side to the one you are apologizing to.

These are the best ideas that you can implement when you really need to say sorry and that too in a romantic manner. Try the tips and give a new dimension to your apologies.