Why Sending Rakhi Online is Emerging as a Great Medium for Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Main2Raksha Bandhan is one amongst the most respected festivals in India. The day is honored with intense love, care, and affection. Being a popular Hindu festival the day is celebrated with a great pomp and show in India and outside the country that home Indians. It is a moment to mark the bond of love and affection in which siblings are tied with. With the passage of time, things in and around us have attained modernity; the same is applied on our special days of celebration too. Raksha Bandhan festival too has witnessed changes in the present time. In the earlier times when the life schedule was not so busy and hectic, siblings used to meet each other on Raksha Bandhan. Following all the trend and rituals the day was observed with great zest and zeal but by the time people got busy with their schedule, things have been changed much.

Now the busy life schedule does not allow siblings to be with each other on the day of the festival. Few manage to cheat their busy schedule whereas; few just try hard and fail. However, distance is the other important factor that restricts the siblings to be together on the day of celebration. Well, there may be many restrictions in and around but if the goal is clear then one can find other beautiful ways too. The same happens with Raksha Bandhan celebration as well, where online Rakhi has emerged as the medium through which siblings can convey their heartfelt wishes to each other on Raksha Bandhan.

This is a source through which sisters can send Rakhi to a brother in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and to all other corners of India. Things are not limited to online Rakhi delivery in India but those who have brothers living abroad can also send the sweet surprise for them like, rakhi to Canada, USA, Dubai, etc. are few of the choices. Now, the big question that comes here is that is this medium of sending rakhi online really very helpful. How it is aiding siblings for the festive day celebration. Well, the answer to this is yes, it is helpful because it is serving those who are already away from each other but wish to be connected through a medium on Raksha Bandhan festival. This medium is emerging as a great aid for the virtual celebration of the festival where siblings despite not being together can celebrate the merriment of the day.


How to Celebrate Father’s Day

fathers dayAs there is a special day of celebration for motherhood and for the motherly figure in our life commemorated as Mother’s Day, there is another important event for father called as Father’s Day. Father who does each and every favor for his family gets nothing in return; this day of celebration is to commemorate the love, care, affection and most importantly the sacrifices of the father. We actually don’t get a moment to say thanks to our dad for all his efforts in fulfilling our wishes and desires. This is probably the best moment of the year when we can repay at least a small portion of his endeavors in bringing a great smile in our face.

Celebrating father’s day totally depends on your will and wish. You can make it a grand event by throwing a big party for dad or can make it a memorable one by doing something really special for him. Here are few of the best ways through which you can celebrate the day of ultimate love, care and affection.

Special Father’s Day Gift: A special day of celebration is made much more special with gifts and goodies. Like every other day of celebration, father’s day is also meant to be celebrated in the presence of presents. Gifting your dad something out of love and affection would truly win his heart. It can be anything like personal grooming set, a mobile, tablet or laptop, shirt, wallet or you can even go for personalized gifts.

Father’s Day Special Surprise Cake: Cake always wins the moment of celebration. Whenever there is a great day to celebrate, cake becomes the most supporting element for that. On the day special for dad, you can send a cake as a surprise for him. No matter, if you live with your dad definitely, a surprise cake on the door for dad and that too received by dad would win his heart. If you wish you can combine father’s day cake with flowers as well.

One Day with Dad: We are discussing here the things that you can do on father’s day for dad. If you really want to away from these materialistic expressions of your love and affection towards your dad then the best that you can do on the day is spending one complete day with him. Devoting your one complete day for dad, in understanding him and learning about the efforts he is putting to fulfill his responsibilities would really make him happy.

Giving Dad a Surprise Visit: If you live apart from your dad and still want to make the moment most memorable day of the year then you can give him a surprise visit. No materialistic thing or nothing else can meet the happiness of the moment.

These are four finest ways implementing what you can celebrate father’s day in the best manner. Doing a bit for dad, who does everything for us on the special day meant for him, would really matter.


Significance of Father’s Day

fathers-day-nursebuddy-1For a proper growth of child the presence of both parents is desired. The motherly shade keep the child under the pamper zone whereas the fatherly support always make him feel protected. There is an international recognition of mother’s day, a moment to celebrate motherhood which is celebrated on second Sunday of May. Following the same trend and influenced by Mother’s Day the need of a day to salute fatherhood was much needed and this necessity was catered well by Ms. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd a resident of USA. Ms. Sonora Louise’s mother died during her birth and she was parented by her father alone. Respecting the fatherhood and the support she and her four other siblings got from her father, she became the initiator to raise voice for father’s day celebration. 19th June 1910 was the first day when the celebration was observed.

Fathers-DaySeeing the motto and popularity of the day celebration; in the year 1972 the then president of the USA Mr. Richard Nixon declared that third Sunday of June will be observed as Father’s Day. Not only the USA observes Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, but the day is celebrated throughout the world with same motto, zest and zeal. Now, coming to the significance of Father’s Day then quoting here would not be wrong that the day celebration is meant to salute fatherhood. Father is the most important figure of the home and that is why we honor him with the title ‘head of the family’. When mom cooks healthy meal, it is the father who struggles hard to earn bread for the family. He is the most responsible member of the family and probably the one on whom the whole family is dependent.

Father works outside so that, the family members could live a peaceful life inside the home. As he is the one whom we don’t see often at home, but it really doesn’t mean that he is not important for the family. If mother holds the bond of family together then father acts as the bond. Efforts of both counts in the upbringing of child hence both parents need the same weightage in love and respect. Father’s day celebration is such initiative that makes a child realize that his existence and survival this all is possible because of his both parents. As a gist of all the above facts and figures, it can be much clearly made out that father’s day is a day to respect our fathers for all the efforts and hard work they did for our best upbringing. There are many better ways to celebrate Father’s day, sending fathers day gift online is also a pretty way to surprise dad.


Why Sending Mother’s Day Gift Online is a Great Idea

mothers dayThe grand festivity of the year is almost there. It is the time to commemorate the eternal bond of love and affection that we get from our mother. Mother’s day is not yet another day of the year but it is the moment when we actually get an opportunity to devote few memorable moment to the lady who is the reason for our existence. The second Sunday of May is prominent because on this day we celebrate motherhood. Mother or motherly figure in our life that made numerous sacrifices in her life just to make us happy and comfortable, this is the time to do a bit for her.

The day is for every mother, who is a creator of a beautiful life. For all her efforts she needs something really very special and yes notable too. Though there are many ways through which the day can be celebrated, you can present something special to her, be with her for the whole day or do something extraordinary that she always desires for. But, apart from all these things if you wish to do something really great for mom then you can try out the online mother’s day gifts.

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. People wish to grasp the best deal for their favorable products and services online. There are many benefits of online shopping and one of the greatest aids is the free delivery of the product. Means you need not go anywhere to buy your favorite thing, you can book the product online and it will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Taking the best of this service to send surprise online gift on mother’s day is also a great idea. You can try out many ways to send gifts, but nothing can be much convenient, comfortable and most importantly effective than this.

No matter, whether you are with your mother or live far away from her, sending online gift on mother’s day is a great idea. It will be a pleasant surprise for her if you reside away from your mom, and in case you are with her then also it will be the best way to cherish mommy on a special day meant for her only. There are plenty of deals and offers that you can grasp online and other than this, your gift will be directly delivered to the place where it is expected to be. So, in a collective way it can be said that online gift on mother’s day will cherish mom, as it will work as a perfect surprise for her on the most special day of the year meant to salute motherhood.


Mother: The Heavenly Figure Who Fights with All Odds of Her Child’s Life

mothers day

Mother!!! This word is a complete world in itself. She is the one who bring a new life into this earth. Her compromises, efforts, love, affection, and everything else that she gives to her child is totally incomparable. A mother is the heavenly figure who makes our life true treasure. Being a woman she is the strongest pillar of support for the family. She makes house a home. Without this pillar of support a family could not earn its ethics and values. No matter what religion you follow or from wherever you are, significance of mother in everyone’s life is always the same. Mother or motherly figure in our life is so much significant. She plays the role of a teacher, a cook, a friend, an instructor and moreover a life support. Whenever a person is happy or sad, the first word that comes in his mind is mother.

No one can repay mother for all what she does for her child. No other relation in this world is as significant, as beautiful and as special as a mother-child bonding. And this is the most special reason, why this special relation is cherished in a beautiful manner all over the world. The significant day to commemorate the love and affection in mother child bond is none another than Mother’s Day. The second Sunday of May brings so much of hope and aspiration in the life of a mother and her child. This is the special moment when a child can express his gratitude to his mom who has done so much to her. Sometimes we are so busy maintaining our life schedule that we ignore our personal relationship. We are far away from our mother despite living under the same roof.

For all the children out there, this is the significant time when you can do a bit for the lady who compromised her comfort throughout her life just to provide you pleasure and happiness. This mother’s day, speak it loud from your heart with a wonderful gift for your mom that will directly strike to her heart. Other than just limiting presents to materialistic things, you can also do some great favors for her. Cooking for her, taking her for outing, planning for a weekend gateway for her, outing with mom are few of the wonderful things that you can try, to impress the heavenly figure in your life. Make the moment the most cherished time for you and your mom with something really special that she deserves out of all her endeavors that she puts in your life to make you happy.


Mother’s Day: A Special Moment to Express Gratitude

mothers dayThe Second Sunday of May is one amongst the most awaited moment of the year. It is a moment to cherish the beautiful relationship chord that we share with our mom. Being tied with her from the umbilical cord before birth, a child always remains connected to his mother by heart throughout his life. The relation between a child and his mother is immortal and no bond can be as stronger as shared between the two. There is a day significantly dedicated for celebrating the strongest relationship bond on the earth and that day is Mother’s Day. Mom, Mommy, Mother, Maa, Mum or whatever else you call her, all these names lead to the one person and that is the one who brought us in this world. If we are breathing in this beautiful world then it is all because of her.

Blessed are those who have the shed of the mother in their life. If you are also amongst the thousands of lucky children who have the blessing of the mother then the Second Sunday of May is really going to be a grand event for you. Mother’s Day or Motherly Sunday it is an annual event to pay tribute to our mothers. The point to be noted here is that it is Mother’s Day means a day dedicated to individual’s mother and not for all the mothers in general. The day is meant to be celebrated between mother and child. On this very happy occasion, a child does something out of the way for his mother. This action is meant to convey his feelings to the special lady. This is a day when we all can express our gratitude to mom for all what she does for her.

What being a child we give to our mom, nothing. We don’t even sit with her and ask her about her well-being. This is all because we are much busy in our life and all the other things related to that. Mother’s Day is the finest moment when we can say sorry to mom for all our mischiefs and hurting her with our harsh words, it is the time when we can express our gratitude to her for all what she did for us, and it is the time to live the finest moment of the year with us. If you are also planning for something special for your mom this mother’s day then you can try celebrating the moment with mother’s day cake or mother’s day flowers. These are the things that can reach to your mom on your behalf and will tell her how special she is for you.