Why Mother’s Day Should Not Be a One-Day Affair

mothers day

Being celebrated with full fervor in India and across the world, Mother’s Day has become a symbol to express love and gratitude to the special lady, who gifted us a beautiful life. ‘Mother’, the word carry the whole world in itself. She is the creator of the beautiful world in and around us. However, every day she needs our special love, care, and attention, but still, there is a day which is completely dedicated to mother and motherhood, that day is Mother’s day. It is not just a day to remember what our mother has done for us, but a moment to pay tribute to the lady for offering her a beautiful life and being an incredible part of it as well. All the relations that we carry in this world are made after birth, but the bond that we share before stepping in the world is with mother only.

There is a very important thing that has to be noted for mother’s day, people get confused by considering it as mother’s day but actually, it is not. It is not a day for all mothers, but a moment that is solely devoted to our mother. Mother or motherly figure in our life, who has sacrificed all her comfort for us, needs special thanks on the day specially meant for her. Being a child, we grew up under her nourishment. For us, she has sacrificed her day comfort, her night sleep. Her child is always her top priority; she can fight with the whole world when her child is on another side. These are the things that describe what mother does for us. But being a child what we do with her and her sentiments.

No doubt, we do love her and care for her too, but her affection can never ever be compared with our love. Her love is immortal and stays with her child forever; this is a reason why Mother’s day should not be a one-day affair as it’s a gala of lifetime. A child can be rude to his mother but she will be never. No matter, how hard she scolds her child, but the love and tenderness will always be there in her words. She can be harsh by her words, but nothing can be softer than her heart. We have never seen god but definitely, our mother is the one that justifies the heavenly figure in our life.

Mere passing wishes on mother’s day or luring her with mother’s day gift is not the true way to celebrate the day. We need something really special for the lady. Make her feel special every day because she is the one that gifted us life. Don’t ever fail to express your love and affection to the prettiest lady because your one kind word can cheer her up for the whole day. She doesn’t need special mother’s day flowers or mother’s day cake, she needs our love and appreciation throughout. So, don’t just celebrate 14th May as mother’s day because every day is mother’s day as every day of our life is her gift.


5 Amazing Gifts for Girlfriend at Less than Rs.500

gifts for herPicking the most adorable gift for loved ones is always a big matter of concern. Whenever we wish to buy a gift, the budget is always the concern. However, it is only the sentiments that matter and not the value of the gift, but sometimes we are restricted much to budget. Gifts are the medium to express gratitude. It is something that expresses the untold love and affection. In order to ooze out emotions, gifts beat everything else. If you want to express your deep love and affection for your love, but it’s your budget which is restricting you then don’t worry, here are some really amazing gift ideas for you.

If you are looking forward to amazing gifts online and that too sticking to your budget then here are some highly workable gift ideas for you. For sure, you will be amazed to read these gift ideas. Definitely, you could not have thought that mere a 500 Rupees note can do such wonders in your relationship. Find out six amazing gifts for the girlfriend at less than Rs.500 below.

Coffee Mug: If you always wish to be in her memories then nothing can beat your desire well other than a beautiful coffee mug. Sipping her morning coffee and late evening milk, she will remember your love and affection through the alluring mug. The coffee mug is always a great idea and is also something that you can get in your limited budget. Picking coffee mug as a gift for her will never ever depict its low value. In order to give it a special and romantic touch, you can go for personalized coffee mugs too.

Phone Cover: Why only be on her phone calls when you can be on her phone too? Well, the phone is a thing that is always close to a person. If you want you and your love to be remembered always then gift her phone cover. For her phone, you can pick cute phone cover. This is a present which will not only fit your budget but something that will be much special and close to her. Now, there are options of personalized phone covers too, you can pick one accordingly.

Wallet: In your budget definitely you cannot afford a handbag, but still there is something which is equivalent to it and in your budget too. Yes, we are discussing wallet. You can present her small wallet as a remembrance of your love and affection. Picking this gifts for girlfriend online will help you get better deals than traditional shopping modes.

Stole: If you are looking for the typical girlish thing for your girl then present her stole. However, this is a gift that will not click to your mind first, but it is the most useful present that you can ever offer to her. This girlish stuff is the mandatory inclusion of girl’s wardrobe; hence getting it from you will overwhelm her. Stoles and dupattas can be the perfect gift ideas for girls.

Novel: If your girl is in love with reading then you should present something relevant to her desire. Gift her novel. This very useful present will fit your budget and at the meantime, it will cheer up her too. If you know her favorite author, you can present her his novel. This gift will always be in her memory and without any doubt it can be stated well.

Rs.500 is, however, a small investment for a gift, but if you really want to ooze out your emotions without making a hole in your pocket then definitely the gift ideas for her mentioned above will favor your needs. Whatever be the occasion, the gift is always necessary. The ideas that we have mentioned above would make you feel like a king where you can buy the most beautiful and useful present for your girl without impeding your pocket much.


Tips and Tricks to Save Money When Shopping Online

why-shop-onlineOnline shopping is the trend adapted well by the people of all ages. Because of the convenience brought in this mode, more and more people are getting connected with this trend. Whether it’s the need to buy household goods or one wants to buy gifts or simply it’s the private shopping of lingerie, every desired thing is highly approachable when one goes online for it. However, there are many reasons why people opt for online shopping but the prime purpose solved is always the time consumption. No doubt extreme comfort is provided in online shopping but this is always not the only thing we are looking for.

People switch to online mode for buying things because they get attractive deals and discounts in it. But not everyone can achieve the best-targeted goal in the same. Online shopping is all based on tips and tricks and that too especially if you are looking forward to saving your money on it. Saving money is never ever complicated, there are certain trickeries that you must implement and we are mentioning the best of it below.

The Magic of Cart: When you go shopping you keep things in your cart and you do the same in online shopping as well. But, what if we say that your shopping cart is the best place to provide you attractive deals and discounts? Well, if you are not in a hurry of buying then just do one thing; put the item in the shopping cart or the wish list. Doing so, you will be intimated in your mail for the price drop of the items and hence you can grab it in the best time.

Credit Card Gets the Credit: Well online shopping can be done both with online payment method and cash on delivery facility, but for much convenience, people go with the first choice. Making payment using a card is the most common type of thing people do, but there is a twist in it. If you are really looking forward to getting the item at the best price then use your credit card instead of debit card. Most shopping sites introduce discounts on certain bank credit cards; you can also get benefited by it.

Comparison Gives Good Results: Comparison is the key to online shopping. Whether it’s a product or service you are looking for, if you will compare the price with two or three options definitely you will get a good result out of it. In order to grasp a good deal in shopping, you should always compare the prices. Taking time in shopping online while comparing deals, is always a cost effective mode.

Chat Box is a Good Way: Many online shopping sites have a chat box option. Well, you can take the best benefit out of while negotiating price. Yes, it is possible. If you are really a smart shopper and well in negotiation then the chat box is meant for you only. You can talk to the executive for discounts, and calling them over the phone will also help you out.

Clear Browsing Cookies: Going little bit technical in your online shopping will also help you in getting a good price. Clearing your browsing history and cookies from your computer is always beneficial. You can go incognito if you really wish to get the best discount from the site. This trick helps because by doing so the company will not be able to track your location, age, interest and browsing patterns. You can try it out and see the magic of being incognito.

Great Shopping Festival: Like there is a discount season in shopping malls the same you can get while going online. If you are a discount freak then wait for the special days of discounts. Festival times and other relevant moments can actually help you in saving money on your online shopping.

Skip the Shipping Charge: Well if you are thinking that how to do it then here is a wonderful trick for you. Many times when we buy things we need to pay shipping charge you can skip it by reading the terms and conditions of shipping charges well. For example, if you are buying a product of Rs.450 and the company offers free shipping on a purchase of Rs.499 then do add something of smaller value in your cart and in this way you can skip shipping charge and get something beneficial for you.

Cashback Gives Cash: If you are a hardcore online shopper then you will know well about this and if you are not then here is the best trick. There are certain payment sites that provide great Cashback offers and discounts. Grabbing the deal while comparing price will always help you save money.

And the Social Media is Best Friend: You switch to social media whenever you want that spark in your life, isn’t it? Well, you can fulfill your desire of saving money on online shopping with social media only. If you are still thinking how then the answer is just following the social media page of the shopping sites you would prefer for buying things. They post product related update and all relevant things in their social media page. Following them on this platform, you will never ever miss a great deal.

No doubt how much we are spending in buying a thing if there is a scope of saving even a single penny we will always go for that option. The tricks that are mentioned above would definitely help you in saving money next time you go online to get your desires.


5 Amazing Easter Gift Ideas


Easter is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the world. The festival marks the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for Humanity. The story behind Easter celebration is very interesting and prominent. Jesus was crucified by the Romans on a Friday, he was nailed to a wooden cross and a spear was also pierced in his body in front of mass to ensure he was dead. It was believed that Jesus accepted the punishment because he was paying for the sins of people. After he was crucified he was buried in a tomb. But as it is always said that truth wins overall and three days after Jesus was crucified he was resurrected.

Mary Magdalene was the first lady who broke the news of Jesus resurrection as she saw it in her dream. She went to the king on the very next morning and told that Jesus is resurrected. The king in a taunting voice said, “Jesus has resurrected as the eggs as red”. Soon after he said these words the eggs that Mary Magdalene was carrying with herself turned red, which was the sign of Jesus resurrection as well. From that time exchanging hardboiled egg became a ritual of Easter celebration. Easter basket is also a gift that people exchange with their loved ones of the day. If you are also looking for some really fantastic ideas for the day then here are few best suggestions from our side.

Easter Basket: Now as the day is significant for Easter baskets then definitely nothing can be much special than presenting the very same gift for the day. Easter basket with all the special components for the day whether its colorful eggs, cookies, bunnies or flowers for the day, anything which is significant for the moment can be present as a cute surprise to loved ones. If you reside at a distance and still wish to convey your wishes in the traditional form then you can also send Easter basket online. This would be definitely a pleasant surprise and a great way to express love when there is a distance in between.

Easter Premium Basket: If you really wish to do something extraordinary to your loved ones then going with a premium basket for the day is really a great idea. You can present special gourmet surprises like Easter eggs, cookies, muffins, flowers, personalized gifts, fruits and chocolates, bunny, caramel surprises and things like this can be included in it to cherish the very special moment of sacrifice.

Flower Surprise: Easter is the festival celebrated in the springs hence there is a trend of presenting flowers as the celebratory occasion surprise. Presenting special flower surprise and flower plant on Easter is also a trend. If you really wish to gift something really remarkable and special then go with flower plants to your loved ones on the day that remarks the sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

Personalized Easter Gifts: Going for personalized Easter gifts is also a great idea to cherish your special relations. There are so many personalized things that you can give to your loved ones as a cute remembrance of the festival, it may include t-shirts, photo frames, coffee mugs, etc.

Easter Cookies Gourmet Surprise: If you really wish to give something traditional and that too beyond Easter egg basket then present Easter cookies gourmet surprise. The cookie is another most picked gift of the day, presenting this special surprise to loved ones would definitely cheer them up. With a bunny and few flowers in the basket, cookie surprise will also work great for the day.

The day is celebrated after the Good Friday. It remarks the sacrifices of Jesus Christ for humanity. He desired that everyone should live together in peace and happiness and this is why people celebrate Easter with full zest and zeal. Easter gift basket is just a reason to bind everyone in love, happiness, and faith in humanity. This is a motive that people are adapting even the trendiest tool to send Easter gift online to their loved ones living away from them.