How to Clean and Store Chinaware and Ceramicware


Our home consists of many beautiful and precious things and one of the finest art pieces at our home is the chinaware. Whether you have bought it for your special guests or got it in heirloom they are always special and close to your heart as well. Regardless of whether china was as a gift or purchased, the special white members of the dining table are always privileged. If you are also a proud owner of chinaware then you understand the tough challenge of cleaning it and storing the items. The cleaning and care of fine china is very important to ensuring that the dinnerware will last, keep its beautiful sheen, and remain unbroken, chipped, or cracked.

If you want to give the chinaware to the generations ahead as heirloom then it is required that you protect it properly. Being non-caring towards the chinaware can result in losing your possession over it. If being the proud owner of chinaware you want to protect the delicate darlings then we are mentioning the most useful tips for you.


As chinaware is not used often therefore the first and most important thing that you should learn is storage care. In case you are not using it you have to be overprotective towards the same. Stacking chinaware one over other is not a great idea because it may lead in scratches over its surface. So, for the best protection you are always supposed to store the items properly. Coming to the delicate chinaware plates then it needs very special attention of yours. Plates can easily be stored with a simple piece of felt or fleece cut to fit between each plate if they must be stacked in a china cabinet or cupboard. In case you are storing this fine chinaware plates in cabinet then make sure you store them in cardboard boxes, doing this will protect it from scratches. Of course the process is lengthy but the result will always be positive. Protecting ceramic cup and saucers is another great responsibility at home. There are two ways to store china cups and saucers. Placing cups on hooks will keep them protected. Keeping ceramic cup and saucer on cabinet with full protection is another favor that you can provide to it.  Cups should never be stacked, even with felt.

Cleaning Chinaware

Storage of chinaware is not as difficult as cleaning it because the risk of damage is at its high during the same. Always clean chinaware on priority basis as soon as the food is over. Cleaning chinaware separately is a great idea and for extra protection don’t stack it over other utensils. Keeping food in Ceramicware for a long time especially acidic food may disturb the beauty of the product and can also give it permanent stains. If necessary, use a rubber spatula to scrape food off of fine china dinnerware. Using silverware or a metal spatula can leave unsightly gray marks on china. Washing a piece of chinaware at a time is also a great idea to give it complete protection. Using warm water and soft scrubbers on milt soaps and detergents is the best treatment that you can give to your Ceramicware. Remove the extra water with towel or a soft cloth as it will protect it from getting water stains.

So these are the most important tips and instructions that you must follow in order to clean and store your chinaware and ceramicware. Of course few of the processes can be lengthy but the assurance of hundred percent safety will always be there if you will follow the tips.