Things you will need to Decorate Home on Janmashtami

Janmashtami the very famous festival of Hindus is celebrate with great enthusiasm and zeal in India and across the world. When it comes to festivals in India, the first thing which is taken in consideration is decorating home for the occasion. Like we Indian’s carry ourselves neat and clean the same we do with our home and other place of residence. It is because we believe that home reflects the personality of the person living in it.

janmashtami-legendsThe widely popular festival of Janmashtami is also meant to give a new and refreshing look to home using the attractive home decorative item. If for Janmashtami you wish to do something special to your home then we are letting you the best manner in which you can turn up the positivity of your place of residence this Krishna Janmashtami.

Laddu Gopal Figurine: Laddu Gopal the infant figurine of lord Krishna is considered to be the most adorable one. Krishna followers use to keep Laddu Gopal idol to pay tribute to the lord. If on this Janmashtami you are really looking for rocking ideas to decorate your home then Laddu Gopal idol can be one of your choices.

Laddu gopalKrishna Idol: Get Krishna idol for your home, if you are really looking forward to decorate it in a beautiful manner. You can give a fantastic and premium touch to your home with premium Krishna idol like silver or gold plated figurine of Krishna.

KrishnaToran and Bandarwal: If you want to give a traditional look to your home this Janmashtami then you can give a try with toran and bandarwal this time. These are beautiful things to decorate the space of your doors and wall. You can either use artificial or fresh flower toran to beautify your space.

toranRadhe Krishna Idol: Decorating home with romantic idol of Radha and Krishna is another beautiful way for you to decorate your home this Janmashtami. You can also present it as Janmashtami gift to your loved ones.

Radhe KrishnaThese are the wonderful ways through which you can give a new and refreshing look to your home this Janmashtami. For sure when your friends and relatives will come to your place on the day of festival they will highly appreciate your choice. You can also do the best from your side by spreading happiness through Janmashtami gifts to your friends and relatives.


Significance of Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami or Astami Rohini whatever they are called they all signify the great moment of celebrating the birth of lord Krishna, the eight avatar of deity Vishnu. India is a country where various religions are practiced and Hindu religion is one amongst the most practiced religion in the country. There are followers of Hindu religion not only in India but also outside the country. There are many foreign visitors who come to India to adopt Hinduism. One of the most popular things that attract them the most is Krishna Bhakti.

happy-janmashtami-13Krishna is the god of love and romance. He is known very well for his raslila. For his special activities he is amongst the most admired god. The popularity of Krishna amongst the people makes them celebrate his birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm. As per a report on festival celebration Janmashtami is the third most celebrated festival in the world after Christmas and New Year and it is all because of a long list of Krishna followers.

Happy-krishna-janmashtamiIt is believed that five thousand years back Lord Krishna incarnated at Mathura on the eighth day of Bhadrapad month which falls in August or September as per Georgian calendar. He is well recognized by his bhakts for his Rasa Lila the dramatic enactments of Krishna. From his birth he has been fascinating his followers with his dramatic activities that make him more adorable. All the activities of Krishna are adored by his followers and are repeated as Krishna Lila on the day of Janmashtami. However in different part of the country there are different ways of celebrating the birth of Krishna but one thing that remains common in all celebrations is an environment filled with complete mirth and merriment.

Janmashtami2Krishna Janmashtami is a very significant celebration in the country. Day before the festival preparation goes on in the full swing. From the birth celebration of Krishna to Dahl Handi competition through the means of various activities Krishna is impressed. People also tend to celebrate the day by presenting attractive Janmashtami gifts to their loved ones that includes Krishna idols, sweets, Flute etc. The firm belief in Krishna and his lessons makes Janmashtami a much awaited festival in India and around the world where there are followers of Krishna. Whole world celebrates the birth of Krishna in the midnight of Astami and greet everyone with full fervor. So, in a collective manner what makes Janmashtami a significant celebration is the joyous environment of the day.


Perfect Gift Ideas for Friends on Friendship Day

Friends always be with us in every ups and downs of life and even teaches us good things in our life. The secrets which cannot share with parents can be shared with friends. Friendship day is celebrated all over the world every year on the first Sunday of the month of August. On this friendship’s day i.e. on Sunday, 7th August 2016, let your friends know that you really care for and love them by sending adorable friendship gifts online. At online gifting portals you will get plethora of friendship day gifts, friendship day bands and friendship day cards that are apt gifts for the occasion. One can find the best gift for his or her friends from online gifting portals and if you are confusing with the availabilities then here are some gift ideas that you can opt for your friends on this friendship day:

friendshipdayPersonalized Gifts: add a personal touch in your gift by gifting your friend personalized gifts. In today’s date personalized gifts are very much in vogue. It has become the first choice of everyone for gifting purpose. You can pick personalized gifts like Coffee Mugs, Cushions, photo frames, key chains, personalized t-shirts and much more as friendship day gifts.

Flowers and Cards: flowers are the best way to express someone’s feeling. The color and number of the flower must be chosen according to the occasion as red for love, white for sympathy similarly yellow is for friendship. Greeting cards have beautiful and meaningful quotations on friends and friendship day that conveys your heartfelt emotions so Convey your best wishes to your friends on this friendship day sending flower bouquets with attractive greeting cards.

Cakes: We always want to do something that one has never done before so cake on friendship day is something like that. Instead of sending friendship day bands or cards you can send friendship day cakes to India online for your best buddies. Cake is integral to almost every special occasion so you can add the luscious taste of cake in friendship day celebration for your friends sending lip smacking cake online. You will get varied flavors of cakes like butter scotch, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, truffle cake, fruit cake etc. at best prices from online gifting portals.

Perfumes: who don’t like sweet smell of perfumes? This would be the best gift as everyone likes to wear sweet smelling perfumes so that they can feel fresh for a longer time and can make an aromatic environment everywhere they roam. A good fragrant can actually bright ups one’s mood so on this friendship day send perfumes to India online for your distant friend.

These are some of the best gift ideas for friends on Friendship Day choose a reliable online site and pick the best gift for your friends and send friendship day gifts to India online and make the day special and memorable day for your friends even staying miles away.


Convey Best Wishes on Friendship Day with Enticing Gifts and Cards

The person we don’t share a drop of blood with yet holds the closest spot in our heart is known as friends. Friends are an important part of our life one can hardly imagine his life without friends. A friend is the one whom with you share every damn thing, your top secrets and what not. Friends always support you in your bad times or every situation, make you learn new things, point out your mistakes and rectify them. They are usually your biggest strength apart from your family and it would be not wrong to say that good friends become the part of our family and in fact our parents trust them more than us.

friendship day

Friends are so much important that in fact the whole world celebrates friendship day on the first Sunday of August month every year. This year friendship day is on 7th August 2016 that is fast approaching and you must start planning for making the day special for your best friends. Friends are the one that makes us happy and entertains us all the time. The bunch of idiots, who laughs shamelessly in our face at the most embarrassing situations, teases us but are the biggest supporters of our life. If you also have such group of friends then you must celebrate friendship day very special for them.

If you are looking for the best friendship day gifts then you can buy friendship day gifts online where you will get astonishing collection of friendship day gifts and gift ideas for friends’ at best affordable prices that you can send across the world without any hassle through online gifting portal. Friendship is a band that ties two souls together so you must tie friendship band on your friends’ wrist for making your friendship even stronger. If you are far from your best buddies then don’t be upset as online portals have great collection of friendship bands and gifts, choose a reliable site and send friendship’s day gifts to India online for your friends and make them feel special that you have remembered him or her on such a special day.

Let your friends know how much you care and miss them by sending alluring friendship day special gifts online along with friendship bands. Gifts are the way to express your innermost feelings for someone and this year you can convey your feelings and love for your best friend by sending friendship’s day cards that comes with beautiful and meaningful quotes for friends and on friendship day. This would be the best idea to wish a warm happy friendship day to your friends. Choose a reliable site and pick the best gift for your buddy by exploring the website and make the day special and memorable and let them know you still care for and love them.