How to choose perfect Rakhi for your brother?

Choose Perfect Rakhi for Your Brother

The auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and it is true that all the sisters must be planning to get the unique and the most beautiful rakhi for their brothers. On Raksha Bandhan, rakhi is tied to the brother’s hand as a ‘raksha sutra’ and ‘bandhan’ refers to the eternal bond of a sister and a brother. This day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in different parts of India with house makers preparing different delicious cuisines, relatives bringing in sweets, sisters all set with the unique rakhi and brothers ready to give their sisters a gift in return.

Today, you can easily buy rakhis on many onine stores, as the options of such stores on the internet is just countless today. However, you must note that all these online stores are authentic. You might land up with a store that asks for cash on delivery and then doesn’t deliver the ordered products. This way, you can fall in the trap of a fraud company. Thus, it is important to reach the company that has a name in the market, is popular and holds good customer reviews. Reviews can actually help in knowing about the quality of goods and services of that online store. If you find any negative review stating that product received was not up to the mark or in a damaged condition and was not received totally, then you should never consider choosing that particular online store and must not order your rakhi products from there.

Discussed below are some of the rakhi options for you. You can go through them and choose the one that you think your brother would like.

Interesting Rakhi Ideas

  • Personalized rakhis- How about adding a personal touch to your rakhi this Raksha Bandhan? These days, online stores are offering a variety of personalized rakhis wherein you can get the name of your brother engraved or printed on the rakhi. Also, you can get rakhis consisting of letters of your brother’s name while choosing a photograph rakhi with your brother’s picture on it would also be just perfect. To make it more interesting, you can pair up your rakhi with a key charm of the style that your brother likes.
  • Rakhis with an auspicious touch- If you wish to tie a rakhi that has an auspicious touch then you should look out for the ones with the moli designs. You can easily find rakhis that are made with red-yellow colored moli with a little design or a brooch on the top. It is known that when you tie a moli around your wrist, you get the power to ward off the negative energies and only good comes your way. So, to let your brother captivate all the positive vibes, you should opt for a rakhi with an auspicious touch.
  • Rakhi bracelet- The rakhi bracelets are today trending like never before. These rakhis look stylish and yet carry that touch of siblings’ love. The good part about these rakhis is that they can be worn with any attire and on any occasion. Unlike traditional rakhi that are worn on the very day of Raksha Bandhan only, these bracelets are cool enough to be worn even to the parties and get-togethers.
  • Rakhi combos- The best way to surprise your brother is by gifting him a rakhi combo. These combos usually have a rakhi and a small gift. The gift might contain a perfume, waist belt, tie, pocket square, pen etc. You can choose the combo according to the taste and like of your brother. Different stores offer different types of combos, so you can browse through their varieties and select the one you prefer the most.
  • Durable rakhis- You should try to choose a rakhi that is not just fancy but also is durable. A durable rakhi can be worn even days after the day of Raksha Bandhan. Usually these rakhis are more towards the sober look rather than a fancy one. They are meant to last longer.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Get on with the most authentic site to buy special rakhi for your brother and make the day of Raksha Bandhan even more special for him and for yourself. Happy Raksha Bandhan!


Unheard Facts about Mother’s Day and How It Should be Celebrated

1“God could not be everywhere, so he created mother”. There is no relation in this world which is as pure and as divine as a mother and child relationship and after all, it is one bond which is made before birth. A woman actually rejoices her life when she is dignified with the position of mother. Since the birth of her child, she devotes and dedicates every single moment of her life for her child only. She is a mother, a mentor, a friend, a teacher, and she plays all the important role in life of her kid, and this is a reason for her dedication, devotion, and support; she really needs to be honored, and that special day to say the unsaid to mom is Mother’s Day.

If we are breathing it is because of her, if we are surviving it is because of her and if we are happy it is also because of her only. Making one day beautiful for her who made our whole life beautiful is required and this is a reason why we celebrate this very significant day. The best part of this celebration is that it is not a festival which is celebrated within a particular tribe, community or country but it is merriment of the whole world.

The story behind Mother’s Day Celebration

The modern time history that supports the celebration of Mother’s Day came from the United States of America. The official celebration of the day on Second Sunday of May started in the year 1908, but the actual celebration started three years prior to that in the year 1905. The main activist for Mother’s Day celebration was Anna Jarvis, who started the day to honor her mom, who died in the year 1905.

Anna Jarvis was a peace activist who cared for the wounded soldiers of American Civil war. She created Mother’s Day work club to address public health issues. She wanted to honor her mother by counting the work she has done for the welfare of the people. She also wanted to honor motherhood and wished for a special day dedicated to mothers. Behind this, her motive was “to honor the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”.  With her continuous effort the bill was passed in US Senate and slowly the world observed Second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

6 Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day

1)Was Called as Mothering Sunday: Before the celebration of mother’s day in the year 1908, there were evidence and stories from the past where the day already exists and was called as Mothering Sunday, in ancient history. It was celebrated in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe that time.

2) Celebrated as Mother’s Friendship Day: This was the movement led by Anna Jarvis, in which she used to teach mothers how they should properly take care of their children. She later organized Mother’s Friendship Day, which after some time got converted into Mother’s Day.

3) First Mother’s Day: The first Mother’s Day was celebrated in the year 1908, at Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia with financial backing from Philadelphia retail owner John Wanamaker.

4) Celebration on Second Sunday of May began At: After the successful celebration of Mother’s Day in the year 1908, Ann Jarvis sought to make it a national celebration. After years of her efforts and dedication, she finally grasped the attention of President Woodrow Wilson in the year 1914, who declared that second Sunday of May would be observed as Mother’s Day, no matter what the date it is. And from that time, the celebration began every year on the second Sunday of May across the globe.

5) Founder Was Not Mother: Anna Jarvis, who is the founder of Mother’s Day, never got married and remained childless throughout her entire life.

6) Celebrated for “Moms” Around the World: All over the world, there are different versions of Mother’s Day, which occurs in the various time of the year.  The most interesting thing about motherhood is that, in the vast amount of languages, word for “mother” begins with the letter ‘M’.

4 Things You Should Do for Mum This Mother’s Day

The special day for mother really needs to be celebrated in the best form. For those, who really want to do something special for mum, we are here presenting four astonishing ways, following which they can make the day special for mum and memorable for you.

Get Special Mother’s Day Gift: Of course, the gift is the best thing you can present to mom to tell ‘thank you’, in the most beautiful manner. You can go with the things that she likes or desires or something she would use in her kitchen. From a small gift to a big surprise, anything that you would be presenting to mom would be valuable for her. So, don’t think much about the price and go for it.

Send Mother’s Day Flower and Cake Online: You have to do something for mom, even if you are away. So, go for online mother’s day flower and cake delivery to her doorstep and make her feel your presence when you are sitting miles away.

Spend Day with Mom: Your mom would not appreciate any present as importantly as you spending a complete day with her. Spare a day from your busy schedule and make it the best for mom, by staying close to her.

Travel to a Destination with Mom: This is really a wonderful idea to celebrate Mother’s Day. Traveling with mom to some destination on this special day would surely make the moment memorable and pleasurable too.

These are few of the most interesting facts about Mother’s Day. The mother’s day celebration ideas would surely rock when you have the strong desire to do something really very special for your mom. It is once in a year celebration; and don’t miss the opportunity to tell the untold and most special feelings of your hard, to the lady with whose blessings, you are surviving.


5 Things You Can Do for Mum This Mother’s Day

mothers-day-01The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. It is the most special day to pay tribute to our mother, who sacrificed her life, her happiness and her comfort; just to make us happy. Well, all the other days in the year is mother’s day only because our reason for existence is mom but still the special day need to be catered well, as she cares for us throughout the year. Mother’s day is not just a day, but it is an opportunity for us to do something pleasing for her. In this article, we are here presenting with five things you can do for mom to tell her how blessed you are to get her womb.

A Special Gift for Mum: Mother’s day is specially meant for gifts. Other than anything else, a gift is something that would make the moment remarkable. Make sure, you present her something at least because this is an occasion that could not be celebrated without gifts.

Celebrating Mother’s Day Together: It is a day for mom, so it is better that you celebrate the complete day with her. Nothing can be more special and more precious for her other than this gift on mother’s day.

A Day Outing with Mum: Take your mom for outing and get her the things she really desires for. This would be a perfect gift for the day and your mum would definitely love and appreciate the same. You can go for movie; shopping or even a trip together with mum on mother’s day can make a difference.

Doing Her Work: It is a day for her so why not you give her relaxation for the period. Do the things that she does, right from cooking to cleaning and give her relaxation for the moment. In true means, this would only be the best celebration of mother’s day.

Surprise Visit: If you are living away from mum then on this mother’s day, other than sending gifts for her online, you become the gift and visit mom. Surprise visit to mom, would make her mother’s day truly valuable and nothing can cheer her up more than your presence.

These are few of the things you can do for mom on mother’s day. You can go with any other option and ideas too. In case, nothing is possible from your end; don’t forget to send mother’s day flowers online to her, so that at least the blooming flowers could cheer her up.


How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Full Fervour When Living at a Distance

mothers-dayThe second Sunday of May is definitely the most awaited day of the year and it is because the day celebrates motherhood. The day is to pay tribute to mothers who sacrifice their comfort and desires just to make their child happy. It is the day which provides everyone the chance to express love towards mom by doing something special for her.

Living at a distance with mom is a situation of many children, but when it comes to celebrate mother’s day then no one wants to take a chance. If you are also living far away from mum and don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to tell her how special she is for you then here we are with few ideas that would make your day.

A Day with Mom: She is never behind gifts, if you would spend one complete day with her then definitely nothing could be more special than this to her. To make your mom feel special and to tell her, her position in your life; you should spare some quality moments and spend it with her. This would definitely be the most memorable surprise for her.

Surprise Tour with Mom: Giving your mom a surprise tour or travelling with mum somewhere on mother’s day is also something extra ordinary and special too. Depending on your budget and your timing you can travel to a long or short distance and tell her, she means the world to you.

Special Mother’s Day Gifts: Of course, there is no mother’s day without gifts. Plan for a pleasant surprise for your mom on mother’s day, it could be anything of your choice or her choice too. To cheer her up for the moment you can send mother’s day cake online and make the moment even more memorable for her.

These are the best things that you can do on mother’s day for your mum. Try out the ideas that are mentioned here and it would for sure make her day. Distance is just a number when hearts are closer and you should not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to pass mother’s day wishes to mum.


5 Most Impressive Gifts for Girlfriend

eeGifts are incredible part of relationship. For nourishing every special relationship there should be regular flow of gifting. Compared to men, women are more likely to accept gifts whether there is an occasion or not. Selecting gift for women is still a tedious task for many men and when the special lady is girlfriend then no one can risk with useless or not so attractive gift item. Selecting gift is not going to be tedious anymore because here we are with the best solution that could help you to select something attractive and worth relationship.

Photo Collage: A photo collage is definitely one of the finest ways to impress your lady. Collage with the memories of your love would become the most impressive gift for her. You can make a photo collage frame, can also go for personalized gift like coffee mug, cushion or even a t-shirt; it will all serve the same purpose.

5 Feet Teddy Bear: Another very impressive gift for your girl could be a five feet teddy. This giant teddy would be a cute gift for the cute lady of your life and she would for sure love and appreciate your choice. It will be a gift that she could cherish always.

Imported Perfume: As per the ancient roman beliefs it is said that gifting perfume strengthens the relationship. So, don’t let any stone unturned to hold your relationship to the hardest. This perfume gift would surely be a pleasant surprise for your lady and she would like it for sure.

Surprise Flower Bouquet: There is no requirement of occasion when you want to gift flowers and in love relationship you can gift it always. To your girl presenting surprise flower bouquet would be a great idea. You can also send flowers online if you want to make the best impression with that.

Branded Watch: A gift that every girl in this world would treasure is branded watch. To your lady presenting a watch means you are asking her to give her precious time to you. However while selecting the watch you should consider her choice for sure.

These are the five best gift ideas that would leave a good impression on your girl. Whether it is her birthday, your love anniversary, Valentine’s Day, New Year or any other occasion, these gifts would always serve your purpose of conveying your love to your lady love.


Easter Gifts for the Every Relation You Care

Easter-gifts-tFollowed by Good Friday Easter is the day which is awaited by many. The festival commemorates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity. After his crucifixion by the Romans on Good Friday, he resurrected on Sunday and that Sunday is celebrated as Easter or Easter Day. As per the ancient story it is believed that Mary Magdalene was the first lady who broke the news of Jesus recurrence and the whole city celebrated. It was the eggs that Mary Magdalene was carrying turned red that gave the sign of Jesus recurrence, and from then the Easter Day was celebrated with great pomp and show.

Gifts are always a prominent part of the celebration. Though there are many traditional gift forms for the day but still there are many other presents that could be presented on the day. Here we are with the Easter gifts for the every relation you care.

Easter Premium Basket: A premium basket for your loved ones on Easter is all what is required for the day. Easter eggs, muffins, cookies, flowers, personalized gifts, etc. could be the content of the basket that could make it the wonderful surprise from your side for the day. You can present it to your close family members and friends.

Flower Bouquet: Celebrate the merriment of Easter with flowers. Present flower or flower bouquet to your loved ones for the occasion. In case, you are residing away, you can send flowers online on Easter and wish them with the flower blooms.

Easter Cookies and Gourmet Surprise: A gourmet surprise on Easter is what all expects. You can present this to the kids or your friends or even to your neighbors on Easter. This is a present that would go well with all the relations of yours and ultimately it would favor you and your relations too. This is a gift that you could easily go with all relations of yours.

So, these are few of the best presents for the loved ones on Easter. You can try Elite Handicrafts Easter gifts range to present to your loved ones residing in India. Through the portal, you can send Easter gifts online to India through Elite Handicrafts and grab attractive discounts.


Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Every Relationship This Women’s Day

womens_day8th March is a renowned day to respect the women in and around. The day is commemorated as International Women’s Day. It is a significant moment to say thanks to all the women in our life for their dedication, contribution, love and support. A day to respect womanhood is definitely a not to be miss opportunity to say it all through meaningful gifts. We all have few special women in our life. On this International Women’s Day, it is the time to express our love and gratitude towards them with some special gifts. In this article, we are going to highlight few very special gifts for every special relationship of yours.

Mother: Mother is the first woman in everyone’s life. To the first woman, the gift needs to be classic of course. You can choose from apparels, classic handbags, flowers and special cake or even end up the day with chocolates for mom to tell her how she is important for you.

Wife: Selecting gift for wife is always a hassle but at the meantime it is important as well. For this special day, the gift should be expressive and should show your gratitude towards her for all your love and support. You can go with chocolates, apparels and even for jewelry if your budget allows so.

Sister: Gifting something to sister would always help you get those brownie points from her. On 8th March, she also needs to be rewarded by you for her efforts and support. You can go with classic watch; handbag or even a makeup kit would work for you.

Girlfriend: 8th March is a great opportunity for you to impress your lady love. You can present her flowers or cake or even chocolates would work well for the day perfectly. Thank you card for her would also add values.

Best friend: Though relationship with best friend is always informal and most of the time we don’t even prefer to go with gifts to show love and affection. But, on this women’s day it would be better if you would go with a prominent gift like flowers, cake, handbag, makeup accessory or even a gift card to impress your best friend.

These are the best ideas from our side. You can send gifts online on Women’s day from Elite Handicrafts. The free delivery services of Elite Handicrafts would serve as additional benefit for you.


Gift Something Amazing to the Aquarius

On the special events of birthdays selecting a gift always remains the toughest task. Birthday is all about gifts and celebrations and the one celebrating the event expects the same from his loved ones. What are your thoughts about gifts? Well, gift is definitely the token to express love and gratitude towards loved ones and it could be anything ranging from a simple flower to a premium gift. When it comes to birthday gifts, the present is supposed to be something much expressive. What about presenting something as per the sunsign? Well, many-a-times you might have tried gifting special things but in this article, we are going to tell you something much interesting. Here are the perfect gift ideas for the Aquarius that would definitely please them on their special day.

Personalized Gifts: No one can rule the Aquarius because they are moody. One time they are something and on another moment they will be something else. If you are really looking for a way to impress them with a gift that could definitely cheer them up then go with personalized gifts. They love solace and this present would definitely make position in their heart.

Red Roses: Aquarius is the ardent believer of love, so if you would try giving him or her romantic red roses on their birthday they would definitely not mind. The idea of presenting alluring red rose on birthday is highly appreciable and would please them too.

Plants: Aquarius signs are basically wanderers and they love to travel staying close to nature hence you can try presenting them plants this would definitely please them. If they are living far away and still you want to go with the gift then you can try out the portals that provide the option to send plants online. This would help you.

Diaries or Journals: They are the most diversified sunsign. Presenting them something like this would go with their personality and liking both. If you want to make it even more special you can present them personalized diary that would make them feel more connected with the same.

So, these are few of the amazing gifts for the Aquarius people that would definitely please them on their birthdays. If there is nothing on your mind regarding their birthday present then you can go with the choice of birthday cake as the gift of the day. Midnight cake delivery surprise to their place would be something more cheerful for them.


How to Find Uncommon Gifts for Dear Ones?

giftPeople always want to greet their near and dear ones on special occasions or festivals with uncommon or unique gifts but ends up with picking the common or trendy gifts. Picking one of the best gifts take lots of time and due to lack of timing people opt for the common gifts like apparels, home décor, kitchenware, etc. If you don’t want to go with the common gifts this year for your dear ones then you have to put little bit more
efforts for this. And you can pick a unique and the best gift for your family, friends or spouse on a special occasion.

For finding uncommon gifts you can go with online gifting portals instead of searching at offline stores. There are many online gifting portals available that also offers online gifts delivery in India and abroad also. You can browse any site and go through the different sections to pick the most uncommon gifts for your loved ones. You will find plethora of gifts online for different occasions that are age-appropriate also. So,instead of searching it at stores, sit at your own comfort zone and buy gifts online to delight and surprise your dear ones.

You will find plethora of gifts and gifts ideas to choose from at these online sites and for those who want to pick some uncommon gifts for their loved ones, they can opt for the below-mentioned gifts ideas:

Artificial Flowers: Undoubtedly, in India, flowers have always been appreciated as a gift but not the artificial flowers. People generally opt for fresh and real flowers when it comes to gifting and artificial flowers are one of the uncommon gifts you can opt for. Artificial flowers is one of the best home décor items that is ideal for gifting. So, you can send artificial flowers to India for your loved ones as a gift on special occasion.

Dry Fruits Hampers: You may have given sweets and chocolates to your dear ones as a present for them on special occasion but Dry Fruits hampers is something that people rarely go with. This is mostly opted in festivals like Diwali or Navaratri, but it is uncommon for occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc. So, this year delight your loved ones by sending dry fruits hampers to India online.

Stationery: On special occasion nobody even things about stationery to gift but believe it, it is one of the best gifts you can gift to one who is an office employee or a student. This is also perfect for gifting in corporate sectors to your staff or office employees.

Finding an uncommon gift can be difficult therefore, you should take help of online portals to buy gifts online for near and dear ones and make a special day extra special for them. And if you are far from them then you can send gifts to India online through these online portals to bring million dollars smile on your beloveds faces and make it a
memorable affair to remember.


7 Gifts for Husband on 30th Birthday

30Turning 30 is definitely passing a big portion of life and proceeding towards another giant one. As it is definitely the midway of life and hence need to be celebrated with great zest and zeal. If someone close is turning thirty this year then you really need to do something special to cheer him up. Yes, we are discussing here about your husband. Husband’s birthday is always significant for wife and it is because he is the man, who does all the compromises in his life to keep wife happy.

On his birthday, he definitely needs to be rewarded with something special. If your husband is entering the dirty thirty then here are few gift ideas that you can gift him to cheer the man of your life.

Grooming Kit: If you are really looking to gift him a thing that he would be using then go with a grooming kit. Shaving foam, shaving kit, after shave lotion, scrub, are few of the things that should be included in the same, in order to make it the perfect 30th birthday gift for him.

Bottle of Wine: On his birthday present him something that he likes. A bottle of wine, imported or an old wine can cheer him up if he loves to get high sometimes. On his birthday his favorite wine could be a great choice.

Silver Plated Goblets: Gift something premium to your husband on his birthday. Present him premium silver plated wine set. A premium silver goblet would be a perfect 30th birthday gift for your husband and he would surely get cheered with the same.

Personalized Wallet: This is the era of personalized gifts. You can present personalized wallet to your hubby when you really wish to present a memorable gift to him on his 30th birthday.

Gold Plated Pen: A gold plated pen for your hubby is a great choice. This would enhance his personality and would be a gift that your hubby could remind for a longer period of time. This premium gift would surely win his heart.

Apparels: Gifting apparels is though a common concept but is definitely a gift that never goes out of fashion. So, if there is nothing in your mind you can present him apparels as birthday gift.

Imported Perfume: if you really want to present him sensations then, gift him imported perfume. This gift for your husband turning dirty thirty would be sensible always.

Cufflinks: Another gift that you can consider as his birthday gift could be cufflinks. Premium cufflinks for hubby as his birthday gift would be a great idea definitely.

So, these are few of the best gift choices for your husband, who is turning thirty. There are many other gifting options online that you can check out for picking perfect gift.